Chael Sonnen talks awkward face off with Fedor Emelianenko


  1. I like you Chael so I don’t want this to come off wrong… have you been hanging with the hippies in CA?, cause Fedor has a look in his eye that he will literally cut your body in pieces and stir fry you to the hungry people in China and serve you with white rice and a bottle of Saki. He is a heartless soul inside that cage and you should be very concerned with a possible knockout. Don’t get knocked out. A CTE scan of your brain once your deceased will unveil the damage that has been done by this crossed eyed psychopathic Russian. He looks at his opponents with only one eye cause the other is praying to his imaginary God. I don’t trust blue eyed, cross eyed, religious Europeans cause that intelligence and psychopathic behavior will go to the ends of possibilities,…And he has no problem bashing in your skull. I’ll pray for you… even tho I’m an atheist.

  2. Lol, the man didn't understand a word he uttered. What else did you really expect? At best, Fedor could've just smiled and nodded to try to appear friendly and acknowledge the exchange, but even then, why would he? It's not like he could've verbally responded without a translator.

  3. lol, it was great when Fedor turned turned around like Sonnen wasn't even there. Made Sonnen look as stupid as Tito when he tries to talk.

  4. It was a good face off, please bring joey diaz at the press conference to translate for fedor, that would be great

  5. I can’t be the only dude betting for chael to win against fedor in Vegas?!?! The payout is good if chael wins and I truly believe he will beat Fedor !

  6. Yoel Romero may be the Soldier of God…But Chael P Sonnen is the One True Prophet of God…and yes the P stands for Prophet..the P also stands for Iconic

  7. Voto Studios is a puta for betting against my homie Chael. You don't ever turn your back on a Gangster!

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