Chael Sonnen says the UFC had to cut Yair Rodriguez


  1. Yair was way overrated anyway, he barely beat Rosa who had just been beat up by Dennis fricken Siver lol

  2. So you're not allowed to turn down more than 1 fight?
    What about Nick & Nate? What about Conor? Those three guys have turned down 10+ fights

  3. People may say, "well conor and Diaz say no to fights all the time." But the thing is these guys sell out arenas and break pay per view records, put yair as the main event odds are you won't even break 100k pay per views. Guys like yair have to follow the rules and accept fights until they reach that level.

  4. Other fighters have turned down several fights in a row and they are still employed by the UFC

  5. Life is unfair. As long as you are not the money fighter, don’t turn down fights too often. Even Zabit is too dangerous for him, he still needs take it. Just like Halloway said”You wanna be the best, you need beat the best and best is blessed!” That’s it!

  6. Well I want to withhold judgement until I at least hear Yair’s side of the story. Dana has been known to bend the truth sometimes.

  7. Well I want to withhold judgement until I at least hear Yair’s side of the story. Dana has been known to bend the truth sometimes.

  8. Chael going to pick Yair Rodruguez from UFC petition centre in his UBER. That's like a Real American gangster.

  9. You need to apologize to JDS for accusing him of using.

  10. good point Chael P… honestly Yair shouldn't have tweeted #FakeNews @UFC when minutes after Dana announced he was fighting Zabeet, that was the nail in his coffin, Not only did he turned down that second fight but he did it in a way that would publicly embarrass Dana n we all know that's a NO NO

  11. When Yair gets finished, he’s out for a year and refuses multiple fights.
    When Frankie Edgar gets finished, he comes back in a month and beats a top 5 guy
    There’s a difference between a fighter and a cherry picker

  12. Yair Rodriguez gets released by UFC
    But you got people like Nate Diaz who’s not interested in fighting anyone yet he’s still with the ufc

  13. Said fake news referring to donald trump. Dana is a big donald trump guy. Plus hes mexican. No wiggle room

  14. "you can turn down the first fight you cannot turn down the second fight"

    unless your last name is diaz then you can smoke weed all day and wait till conor blesses you with another payday

  15. "Is this the uber for Alex?"
    "Yes , come on in my names chael"
    "Whys there a camera here? Can I move it?"
    "I just need u to record something for me real fast it'll take a minute"

  16. Yair Rodriguez was extremely overhyped.. UFC used BJ Penn as a Yair Rodriguez stepping stone.. UFC made a mistake matching Yair up with Edgar.. hype train derailed.. take that ass to Bellator

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