Chael Sonnen predicts Kelvin Gastelum will beat Jacare at UFC RIO.


  1. I remember when Diego Sanchez was unbeaten and smashing fools. I'm probably overlooking a lot of differences, but Kelvin reminds me of that Diego. I want to call him Diego 2.0.

  2. Chael, You need to apologies to Junior Dos Santos for vividly accuseing him of being a steroid user.

  3. love chael but now its a guarantee jacare will win a shame as I really liked gastelum and was hoping to see him in title picture by the end of the year

  4. Chael intentionally was "picking" wrong when he fought. He had to build record of not being able to call fights, because all his KEY fights were "fixed" by him intentionally losing. Against Silva, the first fight where all he had to do is not get KO'fd for 120 seconds. The second fight against Silva, Chael already knew Hendo is not gonna be able to fight for the HLW title because of injury (they use to train together), so Chael let Silva win again. Losing the trilogy option was not a "loss" since he got a LHW title shot against Jon Bones. Chael is a motherfucking genius.

    Thank you Chael.

  5. Most people haven't watch Kelvin fight, the kid is a nightmare. Cant wait for Kelvin vs Whittaker .

  6. Lol people complained about clickbait titles so now the title is so damn explicit you didn't even have to watch the video. Perhaps there's a happy medium.

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