Chael Sonnen: if Luke Rockhold beats Gustafsson, he will fight Daniel Cormier

After losing his last UFC fight at middleweight to Yoel Romero, former Champ Luke Rockhold has called out Alex Gustafsson at light heavyweight. If he wins, it puts him as the number 1 contender in a weight class ruled by his friend and teammate, Daniel Cormier. A fight Chael Sonnen says will happen if it gets to that point.


  1. luke knows something chael dont. luke knows dc is only gonna fight stipe and maybe lesnar next then he retires. even if jones comes back they gonna fight at hw and thats damn sure if dc beats stipe. if not dc is gonna fight jones at 205 before he gives winner of luke -gus a chance. jones and rashad had a fall out and fought but i dont see that with dc and luke.

  2. i think you could argue that there's some parity between top level guys 1 division apart. if you put Max Holloway up at lw I think he could smoke plenty of the top 5 lws. Middleweight is also a more competitive division than lhw.

  3. jones was 235lbs vs henderson in a bjj fight. gus says he walks 240 usually and still has all his abilities intact. dc may retire soon but i see gus and jones at hw in the future kicking ass and taking names 😉

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