Chael Sonnen: if Luke Rockhold beats Gustafsson, he will fight Daniel Cormier

After losing his last UFC fight at middleweight to Yoel Romero, former Champ Luke Rockhold has called out Alex Gustafsson at light heavyweight. If he wins, it puts him as the number 1 contender in a weight class ruled by his friend and teammate, Daniel Cormier. A fight Chael Sonnen says will happen if it gets to that point.


  1. Rockhold is over rated … he’s to chinny. Glass jaw He’s been knocked out twice in his last three fights …moving up will be HORRIBLE for his career

  2. Luke must have brain damage from the Yoel knockout.. He actually thinks he will beat Gus.. I just don’t understand this, Gus will most certainly slump him for this decision..

  3. I gotta disagree now man i admit you’re almost always right but even If like wanted it DC would never fight him cause he knows he’d break Luke’s career w a 1 punch KO deadass

  4. Rockhold has shown a weakness with people who have good hands. Gustafsson is really tall, light on his feet and has fast rangy striking. He also can defend cormier and jones takedowns. This is a really hard matchup for Rockhold.

  5. Chael i like ya but you are blind in regards to Rockhold.. dude is pretty much done. hes not on a championship level anymore and his chin is cracked.

  6. I just can not picture Rockhold defeating the Mauler, He does everything Rockhold does but better apart from certain areas on the ground,
    Alexander was Jon Jones' most difficult fight match up wise so yeah good look Luke! The guy will need it and then some especially with no chin and a glass jaw now.
    Rockhold is a wanker without any personality, Boring guy IMextremelyHumbleHO

  7. Cmon this means that DC will stay at Heavyweight and Cain will retire

  8. Rockhold’s chin though…is it going to hold up or is it completely gone at this point?

  9. Luke isn't thinking straight. Why fight Gustafson if you're losing to middle weights. I guess we'll see.

  10. Luke will never beat Gus. And if he did somehow DC wouldn't agree to fighting him. Luke has no chin and his striking isn't very good. Gus is gonna work him

  11. Luke picks the hardest fight and I think he wants to put everything on the line. Either a big win to bounce back or he will retire.

    Personally, I don't see Rockhold beating Gus on this planet. Maybe on Mars he has a chance.

  12. First of all, Luke wouldn't beat Gus. Secondly, I doubt that they would fight each other.

  13. Luke was looking like the machinist vs Yoel. I despise Luke for a few things I perceive as character flaws but I hope the change in weight allows him to perform at his best. Is his best good enough 4 Gus? I don't think so but I respect Luke for taking on a obviously risky fight. Whether out of desperation or whatever. Good luck Luke.

  14. DC has two fights left in him and one is Stipe. His retirement fight won't be a friend like Luke or Cain. Jones or brock is a possibility

  15. No he won’t. Talking shit. They both already said they don’t wanna fight

  16. jones was 235lbs vs henderson in a bjj fight. gus says he walks 240 usually and still has all his abilities intact. dc may retire soon but i see gus and jones at hw in the future kicking ass and taking names 😉

  17. i think you could argue that there's some parity between top level guys 1 division apart. if you put Max Holloway up at lw I think he could smoke plenty of the top 5 lws. Middleweight is also a more competitive division than lhw.

  18. luke knows something chael dont. luke knows dc is only gonna fight stipe and maybe lesnar next then he retires. even if jones comes back they gonna fight at hw and thats damn sure if dc beats stipe. if not dc is gonna fight jones at 205 before he gives winner of luke -gus a chance. jones and rashad had a fall out and fought but i dont see that with dc and luke.

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