Chael Sonnen: “I did not know who was going to win when the decision came in” (Gastelum vs Jacare


  1. kelvin is a warrior. great chin, entertaining and a nice guy… hope he gets a title shot

  2. Jacare blew his legs out jumping rope the day before cutting weight. I think jacare wins in the rematch. Weidman gets the next tittle shot, he handled gastellum. I love kg but weidman beat him. Weidman Romero rematch. Romero beats Whittaker in the rematch via onslaught

  3. Jacare had some takedowns in the third, but he looked so tired, that is why I think he lost.
    edit: that is why Mousasi was a big loss for the UFC, there was obvious this was going to happen and don't forget Jacare is old, Yoel is old, in less than a year this divison will be done and there aren't so many guys that can bring it up. It will look worse than the LHW. Bisping is out, Belfort is out, Silva is out, Weidman probably will move to LHW so out, Rockhold out, to LHW, Machida… how long can he go on, Yoel if he wins the title he will probably retire, Jacare looks tired and I don't think he will get another chance at the title, so semi-out. You're left with Whittaker, Gastelum, who if he loses may go back to WW, Brunson…Jotko…Adensanya didn't look wow and some nobodies.

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