Chael Sonnen Calls 50 Cent a Dumb Dumb


  1. Über chael is back mothafuckas, sit down and listen to the master you'll get your minutes worth of knowledge straight from the gangster himself!

  2. Chael was right about all but 1 thing. 50 cent ain't the wealthiest guy in the room. The "dumb dumb" is broke.

  3. A white man in America can never call a black guy who has a higher net worth than him “dumb”. Not to mention one who was orphaned at 8 and shot 9 times.

  4. Chael. You sounding just a little jealous I’m afraid! Is Fiddy getting a little too much social media exposure with your sugar Daddy Coker for your liking? If all you’ve got is ad hominem, it’s not the most compelling argument. Perhaps once you’ve reach the top of your sport, and then have the balls to step outside your comfort zone and into the rap game, your analysis might come across as something other than Chael feeling threatened!

  5. 50 is a businessman, he would make the most out of it, he is rumored to be a golden gloves boxer???

  6. So , no comish will sanction it? Not against rampage ? I mean I suppose that could be the case. But , money does talk right? If 50 really bout the fight I guess that a few 100 g's towards the comish could help out . I like to see it . How bout Fedor vs 50 ? I rather see that then rampage though. Cheal vs 50 yeah okay could do that too. Rampage has gotta trim up and be a lil hungry for my interest to be stoked.

  7. I was there many years ago when 50 cent was arrested in Manhattan while driving his chrome Lamborghini that had "UNIQUE" written on the plate. What a buffon, people cheered while they were handcuffing him.

  8. Lets be real 50 Cent is a “three hit wonder” with couple of embellished business ventures. Should thank for M for everything.

  9. Money May destroyed 50 a long time ago. Hes always been a joke but 50 really has been irrelevant ever since for me. Dude got straight up cucked

  10. This Angle That 50 Cent Is Stupid Only Applies To MMA 50 Cent Is A Buissnes Man 50 Cent Is On Of The Top 5 Smartest Rappers Ever 50 One Of The Smartest Guys In All Of Music 50 Is A Master Mind

  11. 50 cent even does this in the hip-hop industry. Jumping into all kinds of things he doesn't understand. Ask every New York rapper from the early 2000's.

  12. Listening to chael is how I imagine listening to FDRs fireside chats must have felt

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