Chael Sonnen breaks down 50 Cent’s mistakes.


  1. This guy is begging to fight a A guy who won’t even fight in MMA how sad

  2. Never in a million years would you think this man was badass if you saw him on the street. Just some neek that goes to gym. How wrong you'd be..

  3. There's a part of me that thinks Chael is talking so much shit about 50 to start the early stages of a "beef" that way if 50 Cent does end up doing MMA Chael might be able to get a piece of that money fight action. That being said, I'd pay 60 bucks to watch Chael spike 50 Cent on his head.

  4. There are a lot of stories suggesting that 50 Cent was a serious fighter back in his teenage and young adult years when he was still on the "streets". There is also reason to believe he was a talented amateur boxer as well. With that vague information, you can rightfully say he might POSSIBLY surprise us and at the VERY LEAST put up a fight. I respect 50 Cent more than I enjoy his work, and I feel similarly to Rampage. I am a much bigger fan of the UFC than I am of hip hop, so it's hard for me to stand behind fights like this that sort of disrespect the sport as a whole. But this particular one that is presenting itself makes me feel differently. I genuinely hope that 50 Cent makes a good showing. I would not be happy if he won, because of how that would look for MMA as a sport, but for some reason I am rooting for him to make a good appearance and to NOT go out there and get pummeled and embarrassed like CM Punk did. That's ultimately, I think, the best we can hope for as fans of the sport, that we NEVER have to see another fight like that disgrace CM Punk put on for us.

  5. Chael. You are beginning to sound a little salty! A second video needed to prove you are smarter than an other man who has had; by any measure, more fame, more money, made bigger deals, crossed over and succeeded in a number of different and diverse business ventures, and is signing deals which you can only dream of; with your uncle Coker, is not a particularly smart chess or poker move on your part. It’s sounds like the type of appeal an insecure guy would make to his girlfriend to keep her attention after he finds out she has a secret crush on that a bigger and badder guy who isn’t you. You are no doubt a very articulate man. But can you seriously criticise another man’s modus operandi when it has proved more successful for him than yours has for you!

  6. 50 would take an ass whooping like Conor did when he fought Floyd just to make some money.

    50 had that one album and that vitamin water deal that made him a little change, he has since filed for bankruptcy and owes over 20 million dollars.
    Now, 42 years old and dead broke, Curtis Jackson is desperately trying to stay relevant.

  7. Chael wants that fight and I dont blame him. If only commision would allow

  8. If 50 cents actually wants to fight, he will be knocked out in seconds , but if he wants to promote, i guess that’ll be very be beneficial to bellator , but he better not fight , rampage will knock him into oblivion

  9. 50 Cent makes no mistake in this. He will make money off idiots who think he will actually fight Rampage lol. This will be some sort of promotion deal or something similar and it will be successful just by looking at the moronic comments saying "50 Cent will lose" lol.

  10. Son you should be asking 50 for some advice. Chael ask yourself when you've had a smart plan fruition. Youre over evaluating your intelligence Chael no one takes you more serious than yourself. You dont even know 50s real name and youre pretending to know how intelligent the guy is? 50 got you promoting him right now.

  11. Chael Sonnen I don't think you know human psychology because if $0.50cent wanted to fight in one week he would have more views than you ever have in your MMA career combined he has much more massive followers that love his music when two celebrities fight each other it's like CM Punk views way more people that fan base want to watch

  12. 50 cent got his new champagne brand might b a deal to supply bellator events and 50 cents made millions in his career from music, clothing line,films tv shows ,and alchol deals , vitamin water too hes not a dum dum

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