Chael Sonnen accuses Fedor and Wanderlei Silva of participating in fake fights in Japan…


  1. So Big Nog got paid to get the HOLY HELL beat out of him by Fedor in PRIDE? Not buying it I need some examples Chael. This is a Psy Op on Fedor before their match up.

  2. Agreed straw man that fight with ortiz was straight bs,and its funny for chael to talk he was on roids and couldn't even win a title pretty sad.

  3. So the time Fujita almost KO'd Fedor or the time he was dropped on his head by Randleman were an "accidents" like when Owen Hart almost Stone Cold lol? Not saying there couldn't have been fixed fight because there was definitely a bunch of shady things in Pride (steroids/money etc.) but he has legitimate wins against top guys who were clearly trying to beat him and certainly not trying to put him over. You could maybe bring up his freak show fights against the likes of Ogawa, Zulu or HMC….but then again he'd wipe the floor with those guys even if they didn't take a dive.

  4. Matt Linland. Mark Coleman. Kevin Randleman. All got beat by Fedor. So now all those guys got paid off by the Yakuza, Chael?

  5. I love Chael but it wasn’t fake when Wanderlei knocked him down and almost had a pride moment on him

  6. Yup. Fixed fights that's why Fedor was a hype train that got derailed when he went to the USA, the media and fans bought the GOAT crap sold by the Yakuza. Fans thought of Fedor like he was a Goldberg like character, a few fans still believe that to this day.

  7. This has been talked about for decades. It started with Pancrase and went on through Pride. It was known amongst the circles that guys took dives even though the top contenders had no idea. Its not an insult to Fedor, Cro Cop, et al. its just the truth. Watch some of those matches like Alberto Del Rio vs. Cro Cop for example or all the Bob Sapp dives. The refs wore earpieces and cameras for a reason.

  8. chael admitted to taking steroids his entire careerr….and working fixed fights………..and now hes questioning people ??? lol

  9. That's why Gomi got choked out by Marcus Aurelio and Samurai got his faced smashed in by Vovchanvhyn, Arona, and knocked out by Elvis Nino Schembri? Their 2 biggest Japanese legends from Pride! You think Dan Henderson would throw a fight even if he was going to win FUCK NO! You think someone is going to drop their hands and let Crocop left high kick them and possibly die for 10 grand or Wanderlei stomp their in again FUCK NO!

  10. So you’re saying that all of the accomplishments Dan Henderson achieved in Japan, is fake?

  11. Cro Cop had hard and devastating headkick ko’s. Cro Cop And Fedor’s fight was a legit fight they went back and forth all throughout, then Fedor becameFedor we all know and took it to cro cop.

  12. I mean, Fedor did best 2 former UFC champs after pride. the sport just evolved so much in such a short amount of time that. However, I do believe that a bunch of those fighter were juiced to the gills. Wanderlei had a decent run in UFC after forcing himself to evolve and adapt. He beat some studs and he won against guys who were perceived as terrible match ups for him in Bryan stann, cung le, and bisping.

  13. People get mad cause Chael speaks the truth. This has been a known thing. Theres so much we as fans don't know, wayyyyyyy more then you could even dream.

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