Breaking bricks with a martial arts master.


  1. I mean, why use fake bricks, when real bricks are breakable? Sure, there is a trick to it, but it is still breaking a real brick. :/

  2. It was the host that was laughing the whole time, and the martial arts guy trying to keep the act up, also that video is old as fuck.

  3. Bet the bank. Lose the house. King Mo upsets Ryan Bader…tonight. Please believe it.

  4. yeah I've seen this video lmao, people on the outside know jack about martial arts

  5. I'm a WT Tae Kwon Do instructor and we do tell our students "Hey, this is a sport. We teach self-defense in these classes, but the standard techniques we teach are not practical for self-defense." However, I have seen tons of places where they basically say, "Yes, these techniques are perfectly usable and practical for all situations." I believe that you should be honest with your students about what you are teaching them, but most are not.

    I do believe that you should start off with a traditional martial art, not MMA. It gives you a good base and it drills respect into you so you're not some hotheaded moron (I'm not saying most MMA practitioners are, but TMA's eliminate most of the knuckleheads you would see). It also gives you a lot more techniques (Specifically kicking and spinning attacks) to use which makes you far more unpredictable.

  6. You Conned us when you "fought" Tito!!And "TITO SUCKS"!!!!! JK. Can't wait to see you man handle Fedor!

  7. At the end of the day, people just WANT to believe…. whether it's religion, martial arts, magic, ghosts, donald trump, conor mcgregor and the list goes on. People just want to believe in something…. it gives them hope…

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