Aleister Black – Staying in NXT, Coming from Europe, Stealing the Show, etc – Sam Roberts


  1. I’m so glad he’s doing well in NXT. I know once he gets called up: he shall blow up even more.

  2. I wanted Sam to go "If you don't shut up Heyman, Lesnar will fade to black!!!", then look for Aleister's reaction.

  3. Tell that fat fucking walrus to shut up. The Paul Heyman shtick has gotten lame and annoying.

  4. My favorite nxt wrestler and quickly becoming my favorite wrestler in general. Bray's still up there despite not being where I'd like him to be, booking wise.

  5. Aleister is great, the man has everything: awesome look, good on the mic, pretty good in the ring, presence, marketable and unique. Wish him all the best.

  6. His character has to much satanic symbolism involved!! Look @his merch..smh. He will not get over on the main stage pushing a satanic agenda!! #whodafook

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