After The (MMA) Beat – Episode 194


  1. Hope the MMA Beat and MMA hour stay on. I hope that nothing is rushed in regards to a new host. I feel Rick can fill in just move someone from the back to Ricks spot. MMA beat will be great with Luke, Danny, and the Man in the hat.

  2. Congrats Ariel on your ESPN opportunity. I do not have cable. I don’t know if I’ll get to watch your show in some other way. You are great to listen to and I wish you the best.

  3. Ariel has a glow to him, he is filled to the brim with serotonin because of this ESPN gig! Good on you mate, I love seeing you happy and thrive at your career. You are the GOAT sir

  4. Till is potentially a bigger star than mcgregor, a real fighter and not a celebrity one

  5. UFC Liverpool is on a Sunday in England because it's a Bank holiday – most businesses closed on Monday

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