After The (MMA) Beat – Episode 191


  1. Ariel is right, most people from Andalucía can’t pronounce the “z” they talk with an “s” instead.

  2. Is Danny scared to make eye contact with Ariel? What's up with his intense eye contact with Chuck? Weird.

    Also, Ariel is definitely correct in regards to Barcelona being pronounced with the "th" in Catalonia only, i don't know why Danny doesn't know that, everyone else in Spain pronounces it the way it's written.

  3. Ariel spent 25% of this entire show talking about himself. Here's a clue Ariel – if you want to be the story, start training and get in the cage. Otherwise, just shut up and report on the story. Alternatively, and preferably, find another line of work.

  4. Nicco and others react to Ariel this way because he's a jackass. The problem is with you, Ariel. The sooner you realize that the better your life will be. People don't like you. Why can't you understand this?

  5. In andalucia they say C as S and viceversa for some reason, watching this from Barcelona Btw which in catalan is pronounced barselona.

  6. I can't believe combat sports journalists thought Raging Bull was about Rocky Marciano??? Was Sugar Ray Robinson a heavyweight????

  7. Danny Segura on here feels like affirmative action. He's not very eloquent and doesn't have any real point of view on topics. I'm disappointed by him week to week being a Hispanic dude. The only unique take he has is putting some extra mustard on Hispanic-sounding names. Just giving real feedback.

  8. 2 1/2 months should be more than enough time to be ready. There are fighters who would fight with less recovery time.

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