Adam Cole – Royal Rumble, ROH & PWG to NXT, , etc – Sam Roberts


  1. If you close your eyes, it sounds like Sam is interviewing an older Same

  2. Cool dude..but Sam you gotta bring better questions man..asking him what it would be like if he heard crickets when he makes his entrance? seems irrelevant to ask

  3. Why did it take you a month to post this? Is it because of your hilarious segue botch at wrestlemania?

  4. This clown is unoriginal as they come.
    He tried all he could to plagiarize and impersonate Scott Hall as much as he could minus the charisma, the stardom and the height that he will never have.
    And since that could draw flies even with his mouth exposed and a foot too short to play that role forever, he now have to impersonate everything about Ziggler which he won't be able to pull off either. So, the best thing for him is to commentate and replace the tattooed neck, unfunny faggot Corey guy for good on WWE.

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