Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 443


  1. Scatting is awful, but still not as bad as that utter garbage called rap or that dogshit dance music.

  2. I’m from Seattle and I’m so glad they brought up the whole “Warshington” Washington thing. Here it’s normally just old white folk that add the R tho

  3. Their "jokes" about scatting were offensive and triggered me multiple times. I DEMAND they lose their jobs and IMMEDIATELY APOLOGIZE. #jazzkin

  4. My wife and I went to Budapest for Christmas, and in the hotel we stayed at we were next to an Aldi. I left the goods in the basket, the checkout lady gave me the "remove the goods from the basket with her finger multiple times". I really had a great time with the harshness of the Hungarian populace. Thanks for the great pomcast!

  5. 44:30 – literally got tears going. That was another "almost crashed my car" moment. Between here, JRE sometimes, Bertcast and Skeptic Tank, man… lol, it's a risk driving sometimes.

  6. I love these two. Christina P was so sad remembering the ways her dad dropped the ball. I can relate having grown up with a single father. Machines within.

  7. The slap was great. Burger king video is my new favorite

  8. Does Christina say "pacifically" as a call back to an old bit or what? is it from a Pacific episode of YMH?

  9. Right now! Right now! Right now! Right now! Right now! Right now! Right now!

  10. people think they hear tom shitting but he's really just doing sets inside bathroom stalls

  11. Some guy in Africa just got home from a long day of kidnapping children for his army, kicks off his shoes and kisses his wife who just cooked dinner for him and the kids. He sits down and takes a bite of the delicious meal his wonderful wife just made. Then God chimes in "HOL UP, IS THAT SAUSAGE?!"

  12. Your ridicule of Christianity is so funny guys… For sure put it in your acts… Americans will LOVE it…

  13. Get Dr Drew again. Right now right now right now right now RIGHT NOW right now right now

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