Your Mom’s House Podcast – Ep. 442 w/ Alison Rosen


  1. What do you call a sneeze/burp combo? A buddy of mine did that once and it was EPIC. A snurp maybe?

  2. Listening to YMH while taking a shit while Allison Rosen is talking about listening to YMH while taking a shit. Shit-ception

  3. Anyone else think in 20 years mommy Tina could potentially sound like Roseanne Barr? Anyone else hear that?

  4. Lowkey, if your new vietnamese mom can cook, I'd be over for dinner every day.

  5. If you're gonna wear shorts, Tom, you could at least put on some Wrangler cut-offs…..

  6. Is this the same Christina that cant stand the video where the asian gets backed into

  7. Hater here but am I the only one who doesn't like the way the show and tom and jean have changed? They both kind of act pretentious and overly liberal now at least that's the way I see it and they are like chameleons with each guest trying to match them or fit in (also not usually a fan of the guest portion because of this). Even when tom goes on JRE now he just doesn't seem like the same guy I used to enjoy listening to and I've never really found christina all that funny but now it's like she's gotten way too full of herself. I'm a nobody and my opinion means fuck all but just thought I'd say something to see if anyone else feels this way.

  8. I hated this episode. Felt like I was at a "white " side of the family's bbq and that shit is boring as fuck.

  9. MORE PODCASTS PLZ ;_; Its down to like 1 every 8 days now I cant make it through a full day of work now I have nothing to listen to (yes i listen to jre, church , h3h3 etc. But cmon Mom n dad I know daddy is in a movie doing work but srsly plz put out more even if they are super half assed idc i need my fix

  10. I was shocked not to see your email in the description!

    P.S. That dude is broken.

  11. Holy advertisements, BatMan!! I'd rather pay for cumtown on patreon than pretend I like learning about your boring, behind the curve, sold-out lives enough to to learn about saatva, wix, and squatty potty

  12. I hope Joey Diaz is doing ok… It's got me kind of worried everyone's been uploading videos of him lately.

  13. I had no idea who she was. So cool that she is down to talk about absurd shit because she looks like very conservative.

  14. Female logic: "Fuck no I'm not gonna get the father of my children something they would enjoy, only douche bags I'm pumping and dumping get that special treatment."

  15. Someone make a animation of goth Christine kicking a guy in the balls.

  16. Filthy animals, a clean wash cloth is far more effective than your hands. Get your shit together mommies. Try it out.

  17. I'm just here to see a pregnant mommy Christina hold her belly while snort laughing. ???

  18. Really? Way too much talk about shitting…Used to be a fan…..NOt anymore.Grow the fuck up.

  19. Vietnam is NOT an open deification country, but Tom is right that rural parts may see open defication, just like you might see open deification in a trailer park in Georgia.

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