UFC Fox 29 recap and much more – Ask me anything 12 – Coach Zahabi


  1. lmao @ wasting your time on kung fu. For exercise ok, discipline, ok, respect, ok, but fighting? nooooooooooo

  2. China's real martial arts is Sanda/San Shou what Cung Le did. Most Kung Fu/Wu Shu is more of a performance out art now. Sanda originally started as traditional Kung Fu fighters fighting but most of the fancy moves melted away as most of them just didn't work in full contact tournaments. I'm sure some of them stuck around as Cung Le did have some fancy moves but it doesn't look like the movie stuff obviously.

  3. Also a big believer in ending weight cuts. Like the idea of same day weigh ins with the 5 pound allowance.

  4. Salaam Coach awsome vids , wow on your vid with m.hijab, do you have vids on the mental side of training?

  5. Hey Firas, I noticed the gym I go to has pretty dirty mats, how often should gyms be cleaning the mats? and would approaching my instructor about it be rude?? I enjoy my instructors teaching but i may switch gyms because of this reason. Thanks

  6. Firas you are a good ,humble person ,If every man had the same values this planet would be in a much better place.

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