UFC 223 Results: Rose Namajunas vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk Analysis | Luke Thomas

At UFC 223, Rose Namajunas and Joanna Jedrzejczyk fought in a strawweight co-main event on pay-per-view. What happened? Find out below or in this video.

In this excerpt from my UFC 223 post-fight special, I discuss the co-main event of the evening, a rematch between Namajunas and Jedrzejczyk. What was different about this fight from UFC 217? Everything. I examine the fight, look ahead to what’s next with Jessica Andrade and more.

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  1. I had it 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th. I thought the 4th was close but I had it for Rose. I was not surprised by the score. I think the weight cut definitely effected the first fight. Joanne looked much better even though she got her head punched in. Androg would be a tough fight for anyone. I think she clearly beat Joanne the first fight they had.

  2. Joanna gets hit in the back of the head 6 times and the ref calls it… then Joanna outstrikes Rose and she loses again. Crazy how the UFC works.

  3. I think Joanna technically won the fight. But whatever. Great fight. Very close. And I believe the weight cut really did cause Joanna to lose the way she did in the first fight. You can watch the two fights and see the difference.

  4. Round 4 is debatable. Round 5 left no doubt for sure. Her coach did a spectacular job telling her to just have fun. It was perfect advice for her.

  5. Talk about kuri kuri gaurd lmao. Noob.. jk love your vids luke. Hope you get more popular you deserve it.

  6. I didnt think the fight was that close at all the third round i gave to Joanna and thats it. Go back and watch the fight guys. Almost all the head strikes landed were to joannas face. She got hit clean multiple times clean to the face and her kicks were fairly ineffective. 49-46 was correct imo

  7. I can see an argument, not a very strong one but an argument all the same for Rose winning 4 rounds but the fact that all 3 judges went with that weak argument is pretty sad…

  8. I was thinking 3-2 Rose, but rounds 3-4 were both toss ups, could easily be 4-1 Rose as well. Rose proves to be the better striker. Rose has the better slips, the harder strikes, and was landing repeatedly. JJ came back with some good leg kicks, but Rose came out and took that 5th round beautifully.

  9. Honestly, I had Rose winning 3 rounds. Was expecting a split decision, possibly a tie.

  10. I agree that Rose won but 49-46??? Wtf kind of drugs were the judges on? rofl That fight was A LOT closer than that. It seems like judges don't really pay attention to kicks at all even though they can have a more devastating effect than punches. I am so tired of these shitty judges in MMA and boxing.

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