The MMA Beat: Episode 187


  1. Welp, they have officially announced that the Lobov/Caceras fight, the Chiesa/Pettis fight, and the Ray Borg fight have all been pulled. Without a doubt, Conor is raging, maniacal, dumbf%ck.

  2. I hope Rose & Chiesa drops out of the fight & sues Conor & the UFC. They can make more cash doing that than fighting.

  3. Now McGregor vs Kahbib is going to be a proper fight with massive numbers. Nice

  4. Someone should mention how Max stepped up and isn’t afraid to fight Khabib who’s a beast, and how DJ is supposed to be the P4P #1 guy and is always too afraid to fight TJ.

  5. Conor had the 145 and 155 belt, now has the biggest screw up belt which he has taken from Jon Jones.

  6. Connor is gonna go broke soon and he will be begging Dana to fight again. Unfortunately, he isn’t Floyd.

  7. obviously Khabib would have annihilated mcgregor in a fight. now he would literally murder him in the octagon. that would be scary to watch. Mcbitch, you should hide on the other side of the planet. wherever Khabib is, go to another continent

  8. Conor is lucky that wasn't Florida or the majority of other states in the U.S. Once weapons come out, he would be lucky not to have lead fly his way out that bus from private security or teammates.

  9. Rose Namajunas said she wants to change the world for the better and I believe she is . She is an incredibly selfless, inspiring woman and a great ambassador for the UFC . Her humble , professional approach reminds me of GSP . Conor again has acted without concern for anyone but himself and has effected Rose and many other great UFC fighters, enoughs enough !

  10. Some people just can't handle too much money; you can appreciate Mayweather as a role model a lot better now

  11. Lol. Imagine if anyone else did this. Paul Daley got a lifetime ban for much less IMO. The fact that Dana qualified things by saying he doesn't want to be in the Conor McGregor business "right now" means he still has those dollar signs in his eyes.
    P.S. Cocaine is a Hell of a drug.

  12. This is the best look for a fighter more hype more attention this is a smart move you just have to see thru this fake news that they shaken up etc people know whats going on they even let him in they need the attention mama needs conor lol

  13. Well. Conor vs Khabib is going to be THRU THE ROOF now.

    Highest paid and viewed event in UFC history coming in September.

  14. It's too bad about Chiesa and whatever happened to Rose. The media's going to make a circus of this, which is good and bad for Conor. In any case, I think Conor should get another chance.

  15. conor will get sued into oblivion now and be forced to come back to the cage for money. then he'll be disciplined by the eagle

  16. This Segura guy is out of his depth on this panel, I know he's young but he detracts from the whole podcast for me. His points seem a bit forced and watered down, Sorry just my opinion.

  17. LMAO 25:02 Ariel realizes his lord Conor isn't a citizen and may have visa issues and has a moment

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