The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 352


  1. I haven't watched this in over a year plus . I see ol bry still sucker for punishment .
    Shaub ego is Everest levels now

  2. I find these guys funny. I’m glad for their successes. Unfortunately they talk like they’ve cured cancer. Not trying to be a hater. I would just like them to stop jerking each other off and do something important for a change.

  3. All the love from Big Brown to Bryan just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Bromance goals. Congrats Bryan! The TFATK fans will support you, we know how bad you wanted this and deserve it. STUPIDS.

  4. Congrats!!! Bryan is one of the few people who actually deserves this.

  5. Schaub calls sitting on his ass talking to famous people "a ton of work", and from the looks of this show it seems pretty damn relaxing just talking about arbitray stuff. Even the intro to "Under the belt" was purely made by Chin and that singer/songwriter dude. Maybe it's all the hair stroking and crossing of his legs that's getting to him, I dunno.

  6. that green piece of trash in the back is bugging the fuck out of me ?

  7. In your new show can brenden please play the local re occurring barista that you abuse/inspire/sexually harass

  8. Junior dos Santos prob took more damage in 1 fight with Cain vs 3 Gathje fights

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