The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 351


  1. wtf is this at 43:22 , rogan would never censor the word "nigger" . chin's weak
    uncensored my fucking ass

  2. Brendan's the type of dude that comes out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his head

  3. can someone refer to me the show that brendan talked about in the podcast with theo von about that prositute saying "you got that short fat dick"? minute 30

  4. That camera work making me trip out! I’m 6 beers deep watching this and the camera shaking making my eyes freak out lol

  5. Jack Betts on the show. Asap. Or just Brian's impression of him for the entire hour and a half.I've never actually seen or heard of this dude

  6. No more boxing talk on below the belt ! BTW all negative comments get deleted on below the belt

  7. One day Brendan will let Bryan speak a complete sentence or complete a thought.

  8. brandons oatmeal sounds way tastier than callens but callens is more healthy. reminds me of something my mom would eat

  9. Hey Brian… FOR SUREEEE don't bring a pensioner from the old folks home on the podcast…

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