The Fighter and The Kid – Episode 350

Brendan and Bryan are in studio for Episode 350 of The Fighter and The Kid. They talk about the Conor McGregor bus incident, UFC 223, song and joke thieves, and much more.


  1. Haven't watched it yet but I Bet Brendan talks about dick half the time, Cry's about Brian's teeth / rash . then he talks over Brian .

  2. Glad Bryans alive! Everyone kept on saying "RIP Bryan Callen" in the UFC chat rooms on Saturday after the fights.

  3. Only reason i like Bryan cause hes only 1 of joe rogans friends i can beat the fuck out of…

  4. NEVER done this in my LIFE but I was the FIRST person to like the episode so GET it together brownies I usually slack when it comes to this shit.

  5. Gonna stop fucking and slapping my slut wife in the tits so I can watch this.

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