The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #577 – A.J. Benza


  1. Who remembers from the podcast "He went to jail and got lit on fire… he's dead" lmfao!

  2. Bout time lee you lazy fat butter beans uglier brother looking mother fucker, why not be professional and upload the shit right after it's done streaming, like holy shit how many years are you gonna do this before you learn, you have one of the easiest non stressful job of all time with Joey, people would kill to be there yet your seeing therapists uploading podcasts a week late and still fucking little things up like the camera angles at times, fuckin lazy jew

  3. yo flying jew jew.. bro you should thank your uncle joey for breaking your balls and getting rid of that dead weight you had. I been listening to the old podcasts you really sounded weak.. Now you got a lil base in your voice keep it up COCKSUCKER

  4. Finally… I thought they wouldn’t post this one cause of the mob guys name they said out loud

  5. Joey Diaz bro I’m so glad I found out about you my life’s been funny ever since man your hella truthful and your just naturally funny and I fuck with it these new comedians are too “politically correct “ I’m glad you ain’t no pussy and you speak ure mind

  6. Did AJ have health problems or something? He looks like shit

  7. Much love from austin but goddamn it, quit with that gentrification. A town of 100,000 going to 2 million in 3 years Jesus Christ. Housing prices and taxes Quadrupling everywhere mostly on the poorer parts of town to push certain non Caucasian people out. The fucking traffic is so bad mostly for the fact that we have to preserve all the old downtown streets so no new roads can be built.

  8. Class has changed ,when people don't give a FUCK enough to respond to there fans.Thanks for being real enough to make sure that a fan can have a voice.

  9. Fuck this guy. Joey I’ll never talk shit to you. But this guy don’t like Mexicans. He’s scared of us. And I’ll rob his wallet and smack his wife. sorry I’m 7 mins into this podcast and I ain’t starting my day off like this. He’s an unread un educated idiot

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