The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #576 – Joey Diaz remembers Mitzi Shore

Joey Diaz tells Lee Syatt about being a new comedian who never thought he’d be good enough to perform at The Comedy Store, to 27 years later becoming one of the few comedians personally passed by the club’s late owner, Mitzi Shore. On this episode Joey opens up about how important Mitzi was in his life.


  1. Joey, I have no idea if you or Lee ever read these comments…. but I think I can speak for more than just myself when I say Joey you truly are an amazing human being. It's through your stories, memories, introspection and sensitivity that really hits me hard, and pushes me to continue fighting like you did as a young adult. Thank you for being you sir, YOU COCK SUCKA

  2. "When you commit to a journey the universe will take care of you." Uncle Joey spittin some true wisdom.

  3. Loved her sons goofy acting in the 90s. So glad to hear his mother was rough and tough. Thanks for the podcast.

  4. I'm 22 min in he's said her name twice classic joey makes it about him . bill Hicks best Wight comic of his peer group on 25£ a night fuck the comedy store

  5. 800 mg of Dr zodiak morsels was no where near enough to go deep. there's gotta be something out there

  6. Nothing better than The flying jew aka the christ killer with the one and only mister uncle joey diaz talking with the heart in his hand! Show some love cock suckers!!

  7. This show is really important to me. I often reflect while rewatching old episodes feelling everytime Joey was speaking true advice just to me. Listen alone, stoned and feel the love. What a show.

  8. I’m a little poo poo, I love you.
    Please join my little penis crew. Yaaaaaaayy!! Weeeeeee!

  9. I saw you doing a TV interview you are still a savage even without the swear words one day I'll make it over to see ya live ..

  10. Theres nothing like it when Uncle Joey and the Flying Jew are alone together. If im not mistaken, every single episode has been profound and practical. Deep into the murky waters cocksuckas!!!
    RIP Mitzi Shore.

  11. love coco and lee! heart goes out to pauly and the store family. see ya this weekend in cbus, cocksuckas!!! ???

  12. The church is with the shore family r.i.p mitzy stay strong joey and pauly and lee kick that fucking mule!

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