The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #575 – Kevin Brennan


  1. Kevin Brennan is the man. He's one of the funniest comedians with a podcast. He's also one of the few comedians who speaks his mind without reservations, which is what got me into Joey Diaz in the first palce.

  2. 7:26. Get fucked you honkey cracker Christopher Reeves (5 years after he fell off the horse) looking ass

  3. This individual is the complete OPPOSITE of Joey and the flavor of the Church.
    “I didnt get up on stage while I was in LA – because I already know how to do stand up”
    “I want to be aggressive”

    LISTEN UP COCKSUCKA ! You gotta get up! Drink some protein powder and write some jokes!

    Lee Syatt will have a Netflix special before this washed up clown.

    HE wouldnt even give his condolences to Mitzi and she passed today.

  4. = Jersey City resident "maybe I shouldn't say that" I mean Joey, can I please report this video and get it taken down so I can stop digging up hate from within myself

  5. Kevin chose the wrong outlet in life.. he should have been a high school PE teacher or something; not a comedian.. what a buzzkill this guy must be to have around.. lol

  6. They’re always cops on campuses in California where I live but they just like harassing kids they probably won’t do nothing if a shooting happens

  7. I got banned from Twitter twice and many of my comments on IG get reported haha buncha faggots

  8. All you Kevin haters just don't understand his humor. Give him a chance and get to know his flavor, cocksuckas

  9. How the fuck does this have so many thumbs up? This guy was dull and gay as shit

  10. Just when I thought this guy couldn't be more of a douchebag he says he likes ranch dressing LOL I would rather give my money to a homeless person then spend it to go see this fuckn guy

  11. What a shitty attitude this guy has. Wanting guys to bomb before you go on? How about wanting to be apart of a great show? If you weren’t so insecure about your material you wouldn’t give a fuck.
    Then he shits on his brother because he’s more successful. You could tell Joey wasn’t feelin it but wanted to be a good host and ride it out.
    Kevin Brennan, a bunch of jaded jealous excuses. Good example of how not to be for young comics.

  12. This guy is a depressing miserable cocksucka!!! Who hates everything about life ?? Even Coco is like this guy is blowing my fucking high ?

  13. There were four cops… 4!!! At the last school shooting there were 4 cops there and none of them done shit!! NOTHING, but still got paid..

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