The Church Of What’s Happening Now: #575 – Kevin Brennan


  1. There were four cops… 4!!! At the last school shooting there were 4 cops there and none of them done shit!! NOTHING, but still got paid..

  2. This guy is a depressing miserable cocksucka!!! Who hates everything about life ?? Even Coco is like this guy is blowing my fucking high ?

  3. What a shitty attitude this guy has. Wanting guys to bomb before you go on? How about wanting to be apart of a great show? If you weren’t so insecure about your material you wouldn’t give a fuck.
    Then he shits on his brother because he’s more successful. You could tell Joey wasn’t feelin it but wanted to be a good host and ride it out.
    Kevin Brennan, a bunch of jaded jealous excuses. Good example of how not to be for young comics.

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