Ronda Rousey was awesome at WrestleMania 34


  1. The question is what is she going to do when tell her to lose? Is she going to run off crying like a spoiled brat the way she did in the UFC? It's easy to celebrate a win. Handling a loss takes fortitude and resolve.

  2. It was a great match, but let’s remember she had 5 weeks to go over that match step-for-step.

  3. I haven't watched WWE in probably 8-10 years. But glad to see Ronda have success. Love or hate Ronda she did a lot for MMA, not just womens MMA but the whole sport. Before Ronda how many fighters did you see on Fallon, Kimmel, etc. Ronda & Conor brought more fans into the sport than the entire roster combined.

  4. You gotta give it to Ronda for acing her midterm! Other than some silly hand fighting it was very good for her first time. She nailed it for sure! Paige VanZant was watching for sure!

  5. Come on Chael no way you enjoyed all of mania, Braun picked a ten year old kid for his tag partner WTF was that

  6. I would have lost a lot of money if I could have bet on her WWE debut being a disaster. Like most, I'm a complete Rousey hater but she absolutely killed it. I guess it's a given she can bump well due to a lifetime of judo but she sold really well also and didn't rush or crumble under the pressure of the moment. She definitely kicked ass.

  7. Stephanie is a jobber? Stay in your lane Chael…. Talk about Poirier vs Gaethje coming up. You don't know enough about the business if you call a McMahon a "Jobber"…. lmao

  8. Kids like that fake stuff, i get it. But grown ass men like Dana or Chael?

  9. Lol this comment section is so salty. People act like Ronda did something to them.

  10. Chael with a well balanced assessment as usual. Why cant we trash her fighting BUT separate how well/bad she does as an entertainer?
    Think of her LAME intro and her lame push at the start. It wasnt until her wrestlemania that she got the respect of WWE fans. She got the respect of a community she wasnt even a part of (. i dont even watch WWE for like a decade now. But thats admirable with respect not to fightin but as an entertainment wrestler

  11. Chael the WWE needs you, quit mma my man & show them how it's done, they haven't had anybody as charismatic as you since the 90's.

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