Paul Heyman – Leaving WWE, Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, etc – Sam Roberts


  1. Wasn't a different circumstance crowd shit on that match just like they did at WrestleMania XX.

  2. "Oh I know Westchester ,we are petitioning for you to leave".Fucking Awesome answer Mr.Heyman is a genius and is just a "God" on the mic.

  3. Sorry but Wrestlemania sells itself, no one going, Roman is in the main event so I'll buy it,

  4. So Brock went into that match with the task of putting on the greatest main event at the greatest wrestlemania of all time? Talk about a massive failure.

  5. I forgot how amazing Paul Heyman is. To be great on the mic, you have to be smart. He clearly is.

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