Monday Morning Analyst: Lessons From Justin Gaethje’s Losses

At UFC Glendale, Dustin Poirier scored a stoppage win over Justin Gaethje in the main event. It was a Fight of the Year contender and both fighters fought ably, but the loss also raises questions about the damage Gaethje’s future. In addition, in examining the fights with both Poirier and Eddie Alvarez, are there lessons to be drawn about the strengths and weaknesses of Gaethje’s style? We’ll answer that with Luke Thomas on the Monday Morning Analyst.


  1. Feel like we’re not giving enough props to Dustin I mean he won and looked far worse damage wise..! His leg was nearly destroyed nasty cut and shiner on his eye, still gutted it out throwing power shots

  2. Justin should only fight tier 2 guys if he doesn't game plan because he will die against someone who is elite in stand up. Alvarez, Dustin, and Johnson are not elite strikers imagine what Barboza and McGregor do.

  3. Damn, Luke. Love the show, but the answer to almost everything is "yes and no". Need you to commit a little.

  4. Justin Gaethje is a good fighter but his style gets very predictable. Too much punishment for no reason.

  5. Gaethje is too one dimensional in his approach and against the elite or top guys, being tough isn't enough. Guys like the Diaz brothers and Diego Sanchez are perfect examples.

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