Monday Morning Analyst: Grading Khabib Nurmagomedov’s UFC 223 Performance

At UFC 223, Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Al Iaquinta by lopsided unanimous decision. On today’s podcast, we’ll grade his performance. While some believe ‘The Eagle’ looked vulnerable and will fare poorly against Conor McGregor or Tony Ferguson. Others, however, believe he was as dominant as ever. What’s the truth? We’ll look at both the numbers and the tape to get to the truth. This is the Monday Morning Analyst with Luke Thomas.


  1. People are back on the mcgregor band wagon. All im saying is that the minute khabib gets his hand on conor on both 1st and 2nd round. Conor in the third will gas out. I believe tony can beat him with his risk taking and incredible cardio. I think itll be a hell of a 1st and 2nd for tony but i think hell weather the storm

  2. Joe Rogan's commentary was so unfortunate just because it gives casuals this "ammunition" to discredit Khabib. They have no idea what they're looking at, they need the talking points from Rogan to make any points. Khabib's not a striker. He was never promoted as one by himself or his coaches. He goes in there and smashes you. Yet he outstruck Al, a dangerous striker, effortlessly on Saturday. This is extraordinary. It was dominant. That's it. You really think Khabib would stand with Conor, or Nate, or Tony? No, he's a chain wrestler, he missed a few single shots on Al but he just gave up because he knew he could outbox him and wanted the sparring time. He can shoot all day long on those guys I mentioned, get the takedown, and they don't get up.

  3. Excellent wrestler with great boxing will beat Khabib. Alvarez wins a dec after taking damage in rd 1 but will go 3-1 after that. Maybe Tony’s annoying bottom game drains Khabib but I honestly think Khabib will TKO Tony.

  4. Khabib smart fighter he strike when he knows he can strike but he won’t use striking skills vs heavy punchers he always destroyed them in the 1st and 2nd rounds by takedown ! after those rounds the fighters doesn’t look the same they
    even scared to punch because of the takedown and barboza fight good example let’s see if Conor n tony can strike after first takedown

  5. 4th and 5th round he was learning how Al was responding – khabib nurmagomedov is professional in grabs, if he wants to catch you – he will trust me

  6. Good analysis. Khabib could have ended the fight about round 3. He chose to stay standing and practice his standing game. He's not aiming for "high rating", he's aiming to become a better fighter and to win fights.

  7. Great breakdown. Only sticking point for me is the assumption that Khabib is "always" going to establish wrestling dominance the first two rounds.

  8. Did you see Khabib's face during the post fight interviews? It looked like just walked out of a library. Not a scrape, bruise, or bump to be seen. He was dominant over Iaquinta.

  9. I think the fight showed that Habibi is not as dominant a fighter as everyone thought and that he has holes in his game that can be exploited. At no time was he in danger of losing the fight, but he couldn't take Al down after the 2nd round and couldn't finish the fight. I think if his next opponent sticks to the same gameplan as Al fought, there could be a L in Habibi's record.

  10. Man your logic had substance ! I have a similar opinion on the fight. Its like someone who scores 95 in each exam but in one exam that same guy scores 80 to 85 wich brings a lot of criticism. So i would say lets see what happens in future..

  11. Just look at the face of Khabib after the fight and Al laquinta face 😉 that will tell you a lot of things

  12. I think he tested him on the first maybe 2nr round, he felt comfortably secure in the fight and decided to carry him to the 4th or 5th round to put on a show.

  13. very fair review…great way of assesing the fight…joe rogan had a bad's OK. .he just needs to avoid Eddie bravo fr obvious reasons???..

  14. I feel like i'm noticing a ripple of the Mandela Effect because i'm so confused on why everybody is making a big deal about Khabib's striking as if that wasn't noticed in the Michael Johnson fight. Khabib's striking isn't the best but his grappling is amazing, the same way Conor's stand up is good but his grappling is terrible. Neither one of them are well rounded fighters like a Jon Jones so what are we really talking about here?

  15. Limited? Yes. I think so. Better strikers do exist in his future, those of which might be able to exploit.

  16. I'd give his performance an A-. He was comfortable both on the feet and on the ground and as he mentioned in he post fight interview, he prolonged the fight so he would know what it felt like to go 5 rounds.

    Can Khabib beat Tony and Conor? Yes.
    Can Tony and Conor beat Khabib? Yes.

    It's a 50/50 fight between all 3.

  17. It's dumb to keep your chin up like Khabib did. Conor would take advantage of that.

  18. Khabib took it easy on Al out of respect for Al taking the fight on one day notice .

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