Monday Morning Analyst: Grading Khabib Nurmagomedov’s UFC 223 Performance

At UFC 223, Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Al Iaquinta by lopsided unanimous decision. On today’s podcast, we’ll grade his performance. While some believe ‘The Eagle’ looked vulnerable and will fare poorly against Conor McGregor or Tony Ferguson. Others, however, believe he was as dominant as ever. What’s the truth? We’ll look at both the numbers and the tape to get to the truth. This is the Monday Morning Analyst with Luke Thomas.


  1. Khabib took it easy on Al out of respect for Al taking the fight on one day notice .

  2. It's dumb to keep your chin up like Khabib did. Conor would take advantage of that.

  3. I'd give his performance an A-. He was comfortable both on the feet and on the ground and as he mentioned in he post fight interview, he prolonged the fight so he would know what it felt like to go 5 rounds.

    Can Khabib beat Tony and Conor? Yes.
    Can Tony and Conor beat Khabib? Yes.

    It's a 50/50 fight between all 3.

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