Malignaggi, Mcgregor, & Mayweather | Ep. 74 Podcast | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub

Paulie Malignaggi joins Brendan in-studio to discuss Conor Mcgregor’s recent arrest, UFC 223 recap, Mayweather in the octagon, Canelo’s failure and fight cancellation, drug tests in sports, Joshua vs Parker recap, Wilder, Fury, Mosley, Broner, Lomachenko and much more. In addition, Brendan also talks breaking MMA & boxing events/news and breaks down, makes picks for UFC Poirier vs Gaethje and answers fan questions.

BELOW THE BELT explores the intersection of combat sports and pop culture through the eyes of former fighter, comedian and red carpet host Brendan Schaub. The program discusses the latest news in combat sports and pop culture, with Schaub delivering candid thoughts in his unique and unfiltered style. Below the Belt features interviews with the biggest names in combat sports and entertainment, road trips, fight camp visits, sketches, animation and pop-culture spoofs.


  1. With out Conor I probably wouldnt like Diaz, Ferguson, Holloway Or Khabib. He really did huge things for the sport… All those guys have gotten fights over 500k … Conor has upped the rewards.

  2. does anyone know where the footage of artem's friend getting jumped at his crib?

  3. You were talking up Kevin Lee as a great opponent for Tony to have a win over Khabib, Al Iaquinta beat Kevin Lee and Masvidal and is a game opponent he probably would be ranked much higher if he didn't have contract disputes and decently inactive. Tony's best wins are the same as Khabib's. Conor lost a fight, went up in weight and got a title shot how can you say he has the most legit belt. He also has only fought one guy with size and that was Nate, we all know how that went. Just saying

  4. i love paulie,but his pacquiao-cotto analogy seems kind of stupid,in his mind pacquiao was able to take cotto's best shots because he was on steroids doesn't make any sense … can get physically stronger and recover faster,but cannot protect your chin when u are juicing

  5. Brenden keeps dissing the fighters for bein shook up but it was Rose who was shook up. I think rose has been through some shot in her life and a situation like that can trigger bad emotions caused by past incidents. brenden knows rose well so he should know this already

  6. I know you get hate because beta males hate a alpha but keep doing what you are doing bro. I love it

  7. Hahaha brendon talking shit about keeping your head on a swivel. Hahaha and then khabib being the 2nd coming of Jesus to the dagestanies, haha I bet khabib loved hearing he was like Jesus and the reference since he's Muslim as fuck along with the country that borders pretty much Iran

  8. people underestimate al wrestling that was the factor in that fight. also in 3rd n 4th rd khabib chose to stand and wasn't listening to his coaches. as soon as it hit the 5th round khabib took him down again so to say he couldn't take al down is not true

  9. Brainless individuals and cult followers are the only ones who sit around and debate who will win this and who will win that in future fights. I say brainless and cult followers because, if they truly had a talent to see the future then why aren't they rich off predicting winning lottery numbers or gambling? It's cool to have an opinion but these lames get emotional which is disgusting knowing people get overly attached to public figures who couldn't careless about them.

  10. Schaub is sucking Conor so hard I wonder if he'll let him cum all over his face at the end of it all.

  11. Trolley hahahahah. Man this fucking guy… He has to be doing this on purpose. Nobody is this retarded

  12. Another video of Paulie crying about How he got push down? Most annoying beta in sports

  13. How is this dude defending conor? he says hes not but he is, hes trying to act like conor didnt mean to hurt anyone and that "thing just got heated" but there was noone provoking him when this happened, yes he was angry at khabib but noone was escalating the situation, conor 100% knew what he was doing hes not stupid, and he knew throwing the dolly could injure people on the bus but didnt care, shaub this was not calculated in any sense this was the true conor coming out, they always say when you get money people find out who you really are. any professional who think conor shouldnt be fired is crazy, in any other business if someone acted like that they would be fired immediately, whether he is or not is another thing, but to act like oh this was a good pr stunt and not this is disgusting and he should be fired is so wrong, also shaub talking about how what conor did is good for business is again stupid, he let down the fans, ruined the card, he could of tarnished the reputation the UFC have spent so many years trying to get, as they wanted to get away from the thugish fighter mentality to a legit sport, shaub yes it does mean more PPV buys for the khabib vs conor fight (they could generate near the same hype in another way that doesnt fuck up conor and other fighters in the process), but has a negative impact in so many other areas its really not worth it.

  14. tony beat an ill cadaveric nigga LEE, who was beaten by Al Aquinta … WTF your talking about ?? and btw Kevin was gonna beat him in the first round …

  15. Realest commentary I've seen in awhile regarding Khabib and Conor, but you lost me with Malignaggi.
    The CIA should employ Malignaggi for mission critical interrogations, his voice is so nauseously irritating that he could probably break anyone in 2 to 3 stories tops.

  16. Give us good old Big Brown breakdown, no one cares about lame boxing and washed up Bankruptnaggy

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