Leslie Smith Explains UFC Release, Aspen Ladd Weigh-In Fiasco | Luke Thomas

Leslie Smith was set to fight Aspen Ladd at UFC Fight Night: Atlantic City, but after Ladd missed weight, disaster struck. Smith, fighting on the last bout of her contract, tried to negotiate for another deal. The UFC indicated they didn’t want her services anymore, but were willing to pay her the full amount of her purse. In this interview from my radio show, Smith explains why she didn’t take the fight against Ladd, what her release means for her unionization effort known as Project Spearhead and more.

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  1. She made the right choice… If she risk it and fight, loses the would have cut her anyway… Leave with 30k or 60k…

  2. Does Luke "turn on" his broadcasting voice or does he always sounds like a douche bag?

  3. Shame on the UFC for treating a pioneer in woman's fighting this way. This highlights the need of a fighters union and solution like Project Spearhead.

  4. Damn that ending, poor Leslie Smith. I was actually excited to see her fight

  5. Leslie is trying to unionize the fighters. They took the opportunity to get rid of her. She could fight at the NEW 125 division also. They are creating good feelings among their independent contractors. Also, it is absolutely fucking amazing how many comments are on the UFC side. Does no one here work for a corporation? Where you work must be amazing.

  6. Basically Leslie had 2 choices:
    1. Fight overweight Aspen, get 30K, most likely lose (statistically the fighter who doesn't make weight wins), get cut from UFC
    2. Not fight, get 60K, get cut from UFC

  7. So she had all these people coming to watch her fight, she says she isn't taking the fight, then cries when she says she has more people than ever coming to watch her fight the fight that she decided not to fight.

  8. I love when women put other women down fucking hilarious.

  9. Hard to leverage anything when you're not a top contender at the least. Plus having a combative relationship against the UFC. This was inevitable. Large crops of fans dont even like womens mma (i like it) then add most not even knowing who tf she is. she had no power or leverage to be combative. Kinda sucks but she poked the bear

  10. Damn. Luke tapped to tears. As soon as she started crying, Luke was out!

  11. Ufc has enough money to buy someone out of their contracts but not enough to pay their win bonus when they dont fight due to their opponents dropping out

  12. Should’ve just took the fight lmao. That’s what you get for complaining about less than 2lbs lmao!

  13. She overplayed her hand by asking 100k flat rate per fight. In what world is she worth that. I highly doubt that bellator will pay her anywhere near that.

  14. She is right, Aspen fucked the fight. Her being irritated about the bag and 1 day technicality seems a bit petty however.

  15. don't cry when you get fired, getting fired from a job is always the best thing for you

  16. Smart girl. Not quite smart enough to realize if she took the money her career was over.

  17. Luke she took a fight with cyborg no one would at the time. Her ear was practically ripped off. Thanks Dana the dickhead.

  18. This was exactly the sort of thing Chael Sonnen was just ranting about. These fighters, especially the lesser-relevant ones like Smith, have no appreciation for the public not knowing or caring about them. The UFC just paid her significantly more than she was worth (in any objective, non-feels-based assessment of the revenue she would generate). This is one of the best days of her ungrateful life.

  19. Aspen Ladd did everything she could to make this fight happen, EXCEPT MAKE WEIGHT. GTFOH.

  20. Interesting little mess. One perspective being that the UFC wants fighters that want to fight even if their opponent misses weight by 2lbs. The other being that the UFC no longer wanted her services out of spite for her not taking the fight. I understand her math about guaranteed money but as a competitor I'm surprised she didn't want to fight. I guess the moral of the story is if you are on your last fight you better show up.

  21. overplayed her hand with the ufc. I am not sure how she could not see this coming.

  22. Super upsetting. Leslie is a warrior and puts it on the line every time she steps in the octagon.

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