JRE MMA Show #23 with Alexander Gustafsson


  1. Joe you have to check out Brian pigman Quaca from Texas and have him on the show

  2. "Could you even remember what had happened over the last five rounds?" .. Forgets the question

  3. Whenever a guest mentions Stand Up, Yoga or Hunting you can see how happy and smug joe gets… ?

  4. Alexander Gustafsson is the best fighter in the UFC that never had the belt.

  5. It bothers me how Joe constantly apologizes for a proven cheater like Jon. Dude how many tainted supplements is enough?

  6. If Jones V Gus was a 3 round or even a 5 round with no title, Gus wins.

    But you have to "take" the belt.

    Either way, Gus will rule LHW as long as Jones is on suspension. I don't see DC dropping back down, win or lose vs Stipe

  7. So fucking jealous of them being able to hunt cant do shit in England. Just eating this shit estrogen hormone filled cancer meat.

  8. Gus!!! They really need to get him back in the cage. He's a fucking beast. That Texiera fight was a clinic. I have it saved on my DVR and I watch it every now and again for a pick me up. Beast. Gus vs DC 2 or Gus vs Jones 2. Let's go!!

  9. So happy to see this episode, love Alexander and can't wait to see him in the octagon again, win or loose I will always watch the mauler ?

  10. So glad i got myself a badboy Viking Alexander Gustafsson before this reebok soulless shit came. Long live the mauler

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