JRE MMA Show #21 with Brendan Schaub


  1. At least with Schaub on you know Rogan won't try to shove his alt right viewpoints down your throat like he does every other show.

  2. Anyone notice how Brendan always overexajurates statements like he'll go " John Fitch is the best in the world" and when someone goes " No not the best" he'll back down and go " yeah but still great" where he'll get confirmation by Joe saying " yeah he is" which gives him the false sense and makes him seem right.

  3. Wow I can't believe Joe doesn't understand weight cutting advantages/disadvantages. At 8:00 he's talking about Nate and Conor fighting at 170 being no big deal because Nate mostly fought at 155 so they are basically the same size. 1 guy fought his entire career at 155 and struggled to make weight then fought 3 times at 170. The other guy fought 90% of his pro fights at 145 and had never even fought at 155 in the UFC and decided to fight nate at 170. Conor only went to 155 AFTER his first fight with nate at 170. So Conor skipped a division and is the same size as a guy who's last 3 fights were at 170? That's some strait retard talk by Joe. Plus Conor was dieting and eating foods that would help him get to 155 for the entire training camp while nate was walking around in the 180s and had to cut weight to get to 170. How the hell does Joe think both guys are near the same size? Again Conor was preparing to cut down to 155 and had been eating foods to help him get there up until a week before to fight, meanwhile nate actually had to cut serious weight to make 170. Conor came in with no weight cut at like 168 while nate probably gained 7-10 pounds of water weight and had a 10 pound size advantage, maybe slightly more…

  4. The worst thing to ever happen to Brendan Schuab was Rogan and Callen constantly telling him how funny and intelligent he is, when he is neither of those things. All it has done is turn him into an arrogant poser.

  5. This is how you can tell a strictly business champion apart from a true champion…..
    Tyron Woodley ( 170 pound champion ) – I'll hire a nutritionist to make sure Khabib stays at 155

    Max Holloway (145 pound champion ) – Khabib is a human being just like me. Lets do this !!!

  6. When they were looking at the fight card I was hoping they would talk about Zabit. Seemed like Jamie was trying to nudge them to talk about him and clicked on the Zabit fight and still these guys got fook'in nuffin.

  7. Sometimes when I get down working my 55 hour week at PF Changs I just remind myself that I don't have the burden of producing 8 houlrs of corntent per week like Bingbong Schaub

  8. Max is easily one of the most boring and none interesting fighters in and out of the cage of all time. I've been watching ufc for 8 years and only heard about max like 3 months ago, thought he was an amateur or some shit

  9. Whenever I see Brendan schaub i comment on what a dick he is then turn off.

  10. If Max wins it will set up an epic redemption fight against his loss with Conor. I would add no matter who wins it would be an epic fight with Conor!

  11. Max just got out of a 2 month training camp 4 weeks ago so he can't be in bad shape… It's not like he had 3 or 4 months of partying, how out of shape can you get in 4 weeks?

  12. Brendan looks like the guy whos about to escape prison with the boyz but then he's like, "but guys I can't, I gotta eat my breakfast in the morning." -Theo Von.

  13. Say what you want about Schaub but this is the only mma show I tune into on jre

  14. "Woodley can put you to sleep".

    You don't need to tell me, Joe, I've seen him fight.

  15. Don't understand why Brendan gets all of the hate he gets. He's genuinely entertaining and seems like a nice enough guy.

  16. Joe same thing happened to my forearm.. rub black seed oil on your wrist and around your elbow! It worked for me after a couple of weeks

  17. Brendan doesn't know about Khabib's mythicalness…

    Cause Khabib didn't work in a sand mine and he doesn't have only 3 pro fights.

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