Joe Rogan Experience – Fight Companion – April 28, 2018


  1. Makes you think that they’re trying a bit too hard to shut down Eddie. Keep it up Eddy, messiah.

  2. I like hearing Eddie's views. I always find it funny and always wondered if he's just trolling. It seem's they are finally sick of it though. Some conspiracies have some interesting views on them. But to believe every-fucking-one of them is just too much. Especially, when they can deny straight proof and start changing the narrative to you being mad. It's a fun topic to talk about at times.

    People are mad because the proof is typically easy to find, but then they shout out "all the people within that field are liars!!". Thousands of people who don't even know each other are lying to the world. From hundreds of countries. All with a silent pack. Question, but take a minute to understand why you these certified people go to school for a decade of their lives to study something. One person may be wrong, but thousands, in today's time? Come on now Bravo.

  3. "who can speak viking?" well, no one, because it doesn't exist

  4. Joe "dinosaurs are real" Rogan
    Brendan "is about to drop some fire" Schaub
    Eddie "Free Seminars are fake news, I don't know, look into it" Bravo

  5. Yet again, Sensitive Rogan and Jamie showing there tampons cause Eddie makes a comment on conspiracies! Rogan you fuckin CUNT!

  6. Sorry Joe millions of people like Trump. We all don't live in commie California!

  7. Nuclear Bombs don't exist??? try googling India pokhran nuclear test for which India was slapped economic sanctions by the West. If that is not enough try googling Hiroshima and Nagasaki for atomic bombs.

  8. "We're all just people, man, there shouldn't be borders, man, it's all just patches of dirt, man."
    Okay Joe, so which country's laws and founding documents do you want? Mexico's or the United States? Oh, United States? Okay then I guess it's up to Mexico to cede their territory to United States governance. Oh shit wait, of course they wouldn't do that because they value their national sovereignty. Hot damn I guess that's the entire reason borders and citizenship exist, huh?

    I swear to god, Joe is losing brain cells by the day. Is he strengthening his neck by headbutting a wall or something? What's going on?

  9. Ok after reading many different viewpoints. It can go either way. Not choosing a side

  10. Am I the only one that thought Joe beat out Eddie for dumbest shit in the podcast with his "borders man, it's all artificial" stoner talk? Go to Maine, your bowhunting, jerky eating ass would be in heaven. Now go to Tijuana. Still think you have more in common with Mexicans because they're "Right fucking there MAANNNN"???? Nation=culture.

  11. Fedor was at one time the untouchable level of perfection for all MMA fighters in his prime, destroying all the best heavyweights for a full decade. #Respect – Pat Miletich

  12. By the way, next time say what freaking fight the companion is for in the description or something. I was looking for ufc fights as soon as I saw the title on the live stream and I didn't find anything until I heard them talking about fedor and mir. Come on cuh

  13. I don't like how jamie said that. And I get eddies original idea. But it's like saying jiu jitsu doesn't exist, "I can teach you in my class" I don't want to do all that, but I don't believe it

  14. "All these guys talking shit about Jon Jones are eventually gonna have to meet him". I have to agree with Joe.

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