Joe Rogan Experience #1104 – Boyan Slat


  1. Well…Joe starts right off offering his…level of logic "Oh u started a organization at 18 it must be because u just work harder than everyone else n definitely not that your parents probably had enough money to make u feel secure n provide shelter." U know because half the population r just lazy rather than being in a level of poverty that focuses your existence to survival. I love Joe but dam he loves talking shit lmao. Ain't non my homies concerned about a save the ocean project cause we could be homeless if we don't put energy into makin it day to day. U start from there n become successful let me know.

  2. he says that plastic releases a bunch of chemicals, heavy metals and whatnot at the beginning but then, 30 mins later, proceeds to say that plastic is like a sponge of chemicals.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that plastic in the ocean is terrible and none of this should be happening, but it’s undeniable that environmentalists and/or people that work in projects that benefits the Earth always end up contradicting themselves.

    I say this not because I’m shitting on the guy, his work is great, but it’s these kind of contradictions that dumbasses that deny global warming cherry pick.

    When talking about climate/environment issues/pollution these people need to be more consistent.

  3. Joe "don't make a rock ax and live in the woods" Rogan

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