Joe Rogan Experience #1103 – Tom Segura


  1. Do a shot every time Joe pivots the conversation to martial arts, talks about how weird and primal…(fill in the blank), mentions elks or coyotes, or speculates about the future of technology.

  2. Joe probably lets his dogs hunt his chickens and blames it on the coyotes

  3. Aw Joe. My condolences. I've only heard you speak very highly of this lady. RIP Mitzie. X

  4. Man i love you guys but….GET OVER TRUMP. God damnit. He won. He is WAY better than Hillary and Trump is into women rather than fucking kids. If only you knew how much work he really does.

  5. Speaking of weight, I can eat pastas, breads, and all the sugary products I want, and not gain a single fucking pound! In fact, it was my goal to gain weight by doing that, and for a damn decade I weighed 140lbs at 6 ft. Im 31 now, and I might weigh 150 on a good day!

    Dont get me wrong. Not saying Rogen is wrong at all about that stuff being super weight gainers. What I'm saying, or asking, is: WTF is wrong with me that eating the same shit ppl eat and become obese because of it, doesn't allow me to gain even a single pound?!?

  6. Joe "I can pick apart the science of comedy at a subatomic level, yet after 30 years my act is still 6/10 at best" Rogan

  7. Interview Linda and Shannon Lee… Bruce Lee’s family. Ask all questions you can possibly come up with.

  8. What I learned from Joe today. If it's on the internet and we can pull it up… must be true.

  9. when they talk about Trump they don't think about Hillary and if she won who cares if he banged a porn star

  10. I like how everybody believes the climate change "science" as complete fact when there are lots of questions. Alot like the cholesterol and nutrition science Joe was talking about

  11. Tom's hilarious. His special is amazing. I'm not from retarded Louisiana but I'm from horrible dull ass Cincinnati and he made fun of my Bengals. If you can't laugh at yourself or where your from nobody likes you.

  12. The bug that landed on Joe's head last night at the store was fucking huge!!!! Lmao great show my sides were cramping as soon as Joey came on!

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