Joe Rogan Experience #1100 – Liz Phair


  1. I was shocked when I looked up her bio. This women is 51 years old and looks legit like in her 30s. Laid back, intelligent and beautiful. What an absolute dime-piece.

  2. The part where you talk about "gore" videos being addictive and effect you negatively rings true with me. I've been watching deep web gore for years and I can't seem to get enough. The biggest problem is it's fucking me up mentally. I've nearly completely lost faith in humanity. I think I actually have ptsd from the shit.

  3. Ten guests in my JRE wishlist i’d like to see on the podcast:

    1. Ron Paul
    2. Howard Stern
    3. Jim Carrey
    4. Luke Rudkowski (
    5. Elon musk
    6. Conor McGregor
    7. Conan O’Brien
    8. Dave Chapelle
    9. Marilyn Manson
    10. Mike Tyson

  4. I'm UK so had to wiki Liz, and it says she's 50.!! WTF before I looked on wiki I had her about 27 yrs old, I thought she must be a comedian,, she needs to sell her blood to cosmetic Companies, ? gorgeous with it too,,

  5. LoL, This is why blondes get a bad wrap. Like a candy wrapper I hold y’all in … from falling out like Eminem’s … y’all just been served.

  6. Girl after my own heart~ made a Star Wars original trilogy (JAWAS!) reference AND Lord of the Rings reference within a 20 minute span ;p Edit: AND took a hit off a blunt within the same half hour ;p ;p ;p

  7. Not only is Liz Phair's music amazing but her personality is delightful. This is easily one of my favorite guests —a much needed breath of fresh air.

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