Joe Rogan Experience #1099 – Christopher Ryan


  1. Joe- this is the 'kind' of podcast that you can't stop watching- while working on the side of course…learn so much man…molto grazie

  2. Chris you're one of my top 5 favorite guests that Joe has ever had and I've watched every podcast. I've watched you on plenty of other podcast and I always learn something new. You're one hell of an interesting guy! Don't change!

  3. Lol betacuck… Sounds like something a cum-crusted keyboard typing, mom's basement dwelling, sexually frustrated, Nicholas Cruz/Richard Spencer worshipping, racist (but too afraid to say nig to a black man's face), dipshit came up with. I only meet a few of those criteria.

  4. Joe has a lot of judgmental fans. Watching to see the "soyboy", "cuck" labels roll in. Just remember you're most likely typing it as a comment because you have your own insecurities. Asserting dominance reiterates your fake sense of sexual security.

  5. So this guy thinks people who call him a cuck because he lets his wife sleep with other men are cucks? Now I've heard everything 9:50

  6. For all that dragging out, that scorpion story was disappointing as fuck.

  7. "people never give me specific critiques", immediately starts critiquing without any specifics…

  8. I can't believe Christopher Ryan thinks the average JRE fan doesn't like him. I could listen to him all day. I love this guy. He's brilliant, funny, and tells great stories. He says, we think he's a beta and a cuck. That's kind of a beta-cuck thing to say. What a dumbass. I hate him.

  9. Hahaha joe rogan seriously just called the disparity in average IQ along racial lines a racist theory. Ya now I remember why I stopped listening to this guy. He's not actually smart

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