Joe Rogan Experience #1098 – Eddie Bravo


  1. I like Joe a lot but there are several factors that he isn't considering whenever he repeats his rhetoric about mental illness and antidepressants. Not to mention that close minded people might judge many of Joe's guests as mentally unstable. We need to allow individual communities to have their own style of governance so people who want to live with strict rules or communism can and then people who want to live like it's want to live like it's the wild west can do that also. There will be black market and 3D printed guns no matter what so if you want to live in a gun free community you will have to have totalitarian authoritarianism and security checkpoints everywhere but that is the only practical way.. otherwise "gun free zones" will always be targets for violence as they know that they can do more damage there. Another issue is that leftists have bought into this dogma that communism only works if it is implemented at the macro level even though historically we know that authoritarian systems are always subverted and all they accomplish is growing the black market. We could all have our cake and eat it to!!!! When people have to go to "rehab" they are put into facilities where there are tons of authoritarian rules and the way they enforce them is by kicking out rule breakers. That is much more ethical than throwing people into cages for frivolous non violent bullshit and not even giving them an option to live in a more free society!!!!!!


  3. New Mexico Whiptail lizard is also an all female species that clones itself instead of breeding. Although it evolved that way somehow.

  4. If we ever caught these über rich, powerful people that supposedly rape young children they should be thrown in a cage with a bunch of horny gorillas so that they could just rape them to death. As people like these aren't your typical pederasts. These people probably get off more than anything on their own sense of authority and power over us so-called plebs. Fuck these people. If not the fuck-hungry rape-y gorillas, then allow them to be locked in a room with the pain-wracked parents of the innocent children. God these people are fucking sick!

  5. New camera? Looks like a new camera to me, MUCH smoother than before.

  6. … bradford and now TELFORD ….where l am from , but my mate says its been going on for years, l never knew! How dumb am I?The uk has its "establishment" which maintains itself.. If you have anything to do with the Royal Family every one has been screened. Have a read about Brit PRIME Minister early 1970's Edward Heath and the Jersey connection.

  7. I'm waiting for the straight up bat shit crazy stuff that Eddie always spins.. Fuck he's fuuuuucccccckkkkeeed

  8. What the fuck means Polish Russian white people are not like American white people???

  9. Joe needs to shave his head, he's starting to look like a Mitchell brother. (Kudos to anyone outside the UK who understands that reference.)

  10. just look at all the shootings in America and then look at all the shootings in a countery were there are no guns aloud

  11. 6:15 Carefull… that is how it started with Jimmy Saville (not up doing up his shoelaces) "no one has ever been able to tell me why i should do up my shoelaces"

  12. I want Eddie to have his own show… he could call it something like Eddie Bravo "Looks it up" it could either be a chat show like this or he could actually go and investigate some of these type thinngs and could meet with conspiracy theorists and also scientists etc.

  13. After listening to this I realized how much I'm missing out on the podcast by not knowing anything about MMA. It's like a whole different level of depth if I understood what they're talking about.

  14. Teacher next door was killed. I saw the videos the day of, and those vids that cause questions against the narrative alive are disappearing. What about Holder and Fast and furious to get the government to crack down on guns in US because of the expected rise in gun violence. That was very recent. FU was border guard killed and the Fast and Furious program was found out. Thanks Barry obama and suck ass Holder.

  15. And speaking of Jay-Z. WTF is with those Che Guevara shirts he wears? Doesn't he know Che killed CHILDREN in prison camps for Castro for a living?!? Don't believe me? Check the internet, you're already here. Educate yourself before you get "educated" to Death. Aloha

  16. i dont always where sunglasses at night but when i do i trip and fall on wires and bust my knee. cost millions of dollars.
    this was a previous comment taken down by eagles fan since super bowl 52

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