How to have good cardio and more – Coach Zahabi


  1. Pretty neat, what I notice is that combat sports types don't seem to know much about their Vo2 or lactate threshold and hot to train those specific systems. It's bread and butter for x-country skiing, rowing and cycling. So you have an idea of your oxygen consumption per kg of weight per minute. You know at what concentration of lactate you begin to fatigue and how to optimize them. How to balance that with the other aspects of the sport? I don't know.

  2. Taking my hat to you coach Zahabi.. your knowledge is so so way ahead of your age, keep it going brooo.. hopefully once I can have opportunity to train in your gym for a while :))

  3. The general public doesn't like grappling as much as standup because they are ignorent to bjj. Thats also the reason for gloves imo

  4. Most blokes can low bar squat 2x bw for reps in 9-12 months on a novice program like starting strength or texas method. Some even sooner. 90 odd mins every other day and doesn't interfere with BJJ much either.

  5. he said the first ufc had rounds?? i'm pretty sure that it had no rounds and no time limit…i'll have to go on fight pass and confirm that but i don't recall there being rounds

  6. I respect Firas's approach to heel-hooks, but if I may echo Eddie Bravos thoughts on the subject. I've been to several places where leg-locks were practiced regularly, but I honestly can't recall a time anyone got injured with one. I can, however, recall many instance of armbars injuring people. So I concur with Bravo that the leg phobia is largely invented. Though, I will concede that knee injuries tend to be more serious than elbow ones, so there is some cause for priority given to protecting that joint.

  7. you ever consider on your "tap" its time to transition into another position? like a flow style. got me here practice when someone doesn't get ya, heel hook call a tap, got me, but can we play this like i stepped out and flow from there. the'll give ya a lil space, and you'll spin out or step out. it seems like a missed opportunity to me. get you there, but also show you how to defend and reverse, or gain advantage.

  8. hey coach thanks for all these videos they are really helpfull . i got a question though. Im a pro kick boxer now transitioning to mma.i got like 2 amateur fights won pretty easily but i got a really good bjj practitioner in my gym and i cant really use my striking well he just takes me down and gnpounds me all day im trying still my best learning but is there any way i can get him to think twice about trying to take me down ? i dont mean like take down defenses etc. i mean like should i use movement-footwork that can make him doubt he can take me down or smth like that? sorry for the long post i hope u can answer this

  9. use 3lb dumbells for shadow boxing on a regular basis to overcome shoulder fatigue

  10. #1 – find more leverage. so true. running and sprinting is good, but being efficient with the cardio you have is better. excellent video.

  11. Wow… thank you Firas. I have been pretty fit throughout my life but efficiency is king, you are correct and your argument represents its own truth very well.

    Thanks again!

  12. Holy shit! 3*BW!? That's a crazy squat to build towards if you're a combat athlete. I think 2 is reasonable, maintainable, and carries over well. After that I think returns diminish rapidly. 2.5 on deadlift. One time OHP. This depends greatly on bodyweight. Smaller guys can often hit higher levels.

  13. Sprints worked to improve my cardio. I would do up hill sprints (roughly 50 yards). On top of that I would take a 75 lb heavy bag and toss it around (standing and on the ground) for 2-3 minutes doing multiple rounds.

  14. I just want to say something…concerning cro cop–I think it' very unfair people always use him when talking about steroids in relations with his time in PRIDE like he's the only fighter in history who has used it. Yet he's never been caught with steroids and all his tests came back clean. ALL! I leave a possibility that he's used it, just like I believe that 99% of the fighters in the UFC still do, but his demise and/or gonzaga fight(because thats where it started) has very little to do with steroids and more with the fact that the competition grew stronger and the sport evolved. That plus the fact that he underestimated the cage and the rluse (elbows) at the time. Same goes with fedor. Had fedor been in the ufc, he would have had the same fate . Had cro cop stayed outside the ufc and had he fought all the cans fedor fought (rogers, ishi, sylvia etc) he would have a pretty amazing status right now. So, it's not always ab out steorids. PLus, the giuy has never had a quality foreign ccamp outside Croatia. Imagine if he had moved to jackson winklejohn

  15. Coach Zahabi did you have fight experience. If so were are the videos I will love to see them

  16. martial arts training is hard as hell. id rather shoot someone than to fight them, cold hard truth. when im in a street fight i feel my life is at risk especially if i get knocked unconscious

  17. Heeeey Firas! i miss your fights breakdow. it would be very nice if you would break fights down more often. Keep up the good work with your channel. i love it!

  18. No time limits? I say both the Diaz bros would be UFC champ at one time or another

  19. Zahabi is definitely a good coach and also seems like a good person.

  20. I'm glad in Dutch kickboxing and Muay Thai their isn't a belt system. You rise through the ranks by experience and championships

  21. your idea about starting the second round on mount is in my opinion stupid because then you have to cater to the strikers.. what if they have their opponent staggering in the first round how can the replicate that at the start of the second? seems like your trying to give an advantage to the wrestler.

  22. Great advice on leg locks in practice, I think every BJJ gym can learn from this. I know many grapplers who got injured in practice due to cranking heel hooks.

  23. I think Nick Diaz would be perfect for a fight with no rounds. His mixture of cardio, BJJ, boxing and iron chin is perfect for it. I'd love to see him talking shit and slapping his opponent for 20 mins lol.

  24. Leverage, efficiency, skill. You sound exactly like one of my teachers from LA. ๐Ÿ˜€ But yeah I would tend to agree that the development of skill to attain leverage is of massive importance.

  25. Thank you, coach. I think that the format of shorter but more frequent videos is great.

  26. Rofl, bodyweight exercise? That shit makes you stronger, not fitter, unless you don't exercise at all. Bodyweight is not cardio. Unless you're doing crossfit "chin ups" perhaps…

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