Getting your hand raised is the only thing that counts…


  1. Winning is the least thing that matters. What matters to the UFC is negativity and fake drama. That is what the UFC lives for. The UFC is more concerned with who is doing stupid shit, who can cuss the most, and who has the most Twitter beefs. The UFC would rather have a guy throwing a dolly at a bus than a talented fighter, cause they would rather promote negativity than talent. Its like I said when Conor had the bus incident, that there would be an Embedded episode promoting the incident, and people were like 'no Dana is mad' 'Dana said he was disgusted' etc. I told them regardless of what Dana says on TV,he loved what Conor did, and a couple hours later, new Embedded episode that covered the entire incident. The UFC says Mighty Mouse may be the greatest fighter ever, but they could not give two shits about him, cause he is a family man that is not doing dumb shit for the camera. Winning means very little these days. You could lose five fights in a row, but if that same fighter cut up some lines and sniffed em at a UFC press event, I am convinced they woul treat him like he was the biggest star in the world, while simultaneously telling everyone they were shocked at his behavior. I would not be surprised in the least if Dana knew the bus incident was gonna happen before hand. I keep saying, the reason the UFC cannot break the 2 million PPV buys mark is because it is hard for a lot of people to take them seriously. The only way they sell more than 2 million is if they get Floyd to be on one of their cards. The UFC seriously needs to cut out the fake drama and promoting of negative behavior. The UFC is like Death Row Records after 2Pac got killed, cause Death Row went from making hits to living off of drama, and that is exactly what the UFC is doing. The drama became the driving force after 2Pac got killed, and talent took a backseat, and that is the same thing the UFC does, talent takes a backseat to cussing and acting like juvenile delinquents. I would not be surprised in the least if the UFC goes under within the next decade. No company is too big to fail.

  2. We'll said. What does it matter if you keep your chin up and hands down? If you don't get hit, have a strategy and follow through, that's what matters. No offense to Al but Khabib knew he wasn't fighting Conor, Tony, or Max. He didn't have to push as hard in that fight as would have had to with a current or former champion.

  3. If I had a dollar from every time Chael brings up something that Randy Couture did or said I'd have enough to open my own free MMA gym, for the poor who can't afford to learn martial arts (like me) lol

  4. Rogan is weird, he claims to be somewhat a specialist kisses Khabib’s ass and then acts surprised when he sees that Khabib has no hands, he never had hands, created a monster out of him in his imagination then got in touch with reality for a second. Chael has experience, well spoken, politician style delivery but sometimes can be just as much “expert” as Rogan … As for “the only thing that matters” in a way yes, on the surface level … but there are also intangibles there, and Khabib’s example is not Floyd’s situation at all

  5. Chael you're really shitting on Rogan I thought you two were close

  6. Khalabib definitely needs to work on his stand-up but that man can eat punches just fine he gets hit never seen him wobbled
    Facts by Chael P. Sonnen ?

  7. I don’t care if the other guy is bruised and bloody with a broken fist as long as he manages to win and raise his hand then he is undefeated and undisputed no matter what critique is thrown at him winning is winning

  8. Wtf was Khabib supposed to do? Laquita basically turtled and went into his shell to defend the single leg, leaving his head exposed. Khabib took what he was given.

    3:35 that shade to Anderson Silva tho ?

  9. Raging Al let Khabib punch him in the face just enough to make it worth his while. Anything NOT to be Barbosa-ed to a bloody pulp on the ground. It was a brilliant strategy. Fan favorite lasting five rounds.

  10. Khabib let it go 5 rounds so he could play with him. Just like Mayweather let Conor go 10.

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