Edson Barboza’s keys to victory against Kevin Lee


  1. Conor a very smart guy get sued spend millions to make tens of millions…against khabib

  2. As ufc FANs we can all agree we all want Kevin Lee to win, he's young with potential, arrogant and entertaining.
    You may not like him but he makes you care about his fight…plus its fun to see if he gets beat up if u dont like him
    Him vs any top 3 or dustin poirier would be great or even eddie alvarez

    If barboza win, its gonna be boring next conference vs any top 4 and dont think anyone care to see him fight any top 3 after how badly khabib mauled him and then couldnt finish al aquinta

  3. I would like to see barboza connect with one of those fancy kicks to kevin's face, that would be cool

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