Conor McGregor, UFC 223 Media Day Reaction | Luke Thomas

Today was the UFC 223 media day with Khabib Nurmagomedov, Max Holloway and many others. It was also a day where Conor McGregor may have found a way to get himself arrested, loathed or worse. What the hell happened? Let’s recap everything.

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  1. Moral high ground time.. conor is just reinforcing you so you feel good about yourself and you wake up tomorrow feeling a little better. Meanwhile he's making $$$ hope you don't see how he just did that. Like the security just let him leave … wee`~

  2. You say letting things go with Conor led to this…..maybe letting khabib bully artem should have been dealt with by Dana and this would never have happened

  3. rip callen, died in the gas tank of the bus trying to use it as an isolation tank :(…. eddie bravo told him to look into it

  4. Conor just lost a ton of fans, including just don't do that shit. Now i really want to se Khabib destroy him in a fight in November.

  5. Ya, I can imagine it must be hard to sleep in a dumpy room like that. Jesus buddy, you live a hard life..

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