Chael Sonnen’s advice to Ronda Rousey and all other elite athletes…

Chael Sonnen points out the mistakes many athletes make and shares his thoughts and advice to successfully navigate a career in sports and entertainment.


  1. Rousey would be the best heel. However, I'm afraid she would freak out if she saw a script where she wasn't the babyface. What would she do next… water polo?

  2. Chael, you're fighting at HW now…you're all grown up and you need to ditch the wardrobe from your middleweight days…

  3. "When you associate your worth to the reaction of strangers – it's a problem" That's brilliant man.

  4. Chael I hope this is really ur channel cause i watch it all the time on hopes I'm supporting you.
    Your a god damn genius man, almost never do o disagree with you! Much love and good luck in the tourney.

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