Chael Sonnen talks Rose Namajunas v Joanna Jedrzejczyk judging


  1. In a sport like boxing, punching (and avoiding punches) is really all you're there to do, so I get why striking stats hold as high a value as they do.

    But there are so many other aspects to an MMA fight to consider outside of strikes landed.
    Rose controlled the pace.
    She controlled the center of the octagon, despite the leg kicks.
    The leg kicks definitely got Joanna into the game, and stifled Ross's rhythm a but, but they didn't shut it down, or damage her meaningfully.
    Rose had far more impactful and damaging shots.
    And in their exchanges, Rose almost always got the better of Joanna.

  2. Rose 1, 2 & 5 is the new Diaz 1, 2 & 5…only this time she got the decision (rightly imo).

  3. REMEBER GIRLS! If you want to win a BELT , don't leave it for JUDGES! Or dominate the fight. JJ didn't finished Rose and not dominated the fight. IT'S RULE #1.

  4. I am not certain. It thought Rose clearly won round 1 and 5, Joanna clearly won rounds 3 and 4, and Joanna won round 2 based on her leg/body kicks. Rose landed more head shots, but Joanna was more active, especially in the second half of round 2. But I am not saying I think it was the wrong choice, not at all. I have no issue with Rose winning.

  5. I had it 2-2 goin into the 5th and jj giving up the last takedown cost her the fight.

  6. If it mattered about damage Bisping would have lost to Silva and Hendo (twice)

  7. Joanna was only starting to win rounds when she started throwing leg kicks. Once she took away Rose's legs then she able to go to work. I don't understand why Joanna did't do it earlier.

    Rose was great either way. She's really becoming a elite level fighter.

  8. Those 49-46 scorecards were so biased it might as well have been boxing. I had it 48-47 to rose and I still believe that fifth round could have gone either way so who knows

  9. Yeah that's great but how do you measure how much damage is being inflicted? Its hard to quantify outside of an outright knockout, that's why they use strikes landed; it's objective. How hurt you think a fighter might be is subjective- the athlete may not even be aware how much damage they have sustained!

  10. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Rose is the queen!! She landed all the solid strong hits. Joanna just had leg kicks

  11. People need to realize that a 50-49 fight can still be very close. If every one of those rounds were razor thin but ultimately went to one fighter every time its still a close fight. Thats the great thing about MMA. You watch a round in its entirety. Its not called the Ultimate Strikes Thrown Per Round Championship Its a fight and its about you won the fight during that round. Pillow Hands JJ or Thug Rose? Strikes thrown and landed are A PART OF IT. Damage, control, movement, momentum, etc. Are all things a judge takes into consideration and even sometimes subconsciously.

  12. Lol his right, most of this stuff about punch totals are designed and monitored by people who have never been in a fight in there life

  13. This fight somehow reminded me of St Pierre vs Hendricks. When it comes to scoring yes youll have a good argument to say it was close. SCORING But whos the better fighter? Id have no doubt its Rose. The stand up game was like Dillashaw vs Barao 1. This monster of a striker is suddenly getting countered over and over again. Joana relies on volume punching. But the significant strikes, more importantly the significant strikes when they BOTH throw down, in the pocket was almost one sidedly on Rose.

  14. The fight was close but I found it easy to score. For me Rose clearly won 1-2, lost 3-4. She did the most damages in the beginning of round 5, then when Johanna was shifting the momentum on the second half of the round, she took her down to seal the deal. So yeah, close fight, but clear 48-47 for Rose.

  15. I had 1-2 for Rose and 3-4 to Joanna, going into the last round I was quite convinced this was anybody's fight. I had Rose winning the last round.

    It was fun seeing the ladies around us take interest in this fight, they usually just pay attention to finishes because we're shouting out of our minds but it was a great display of kickboxing that has all of us on the edge of our seats.

  16. The " overall amount of strikes" don't mean shit, it's about rounds. And Rose OUTSTRUCK Joanna (rounds) 1,2,5.

  17. Rose fights karolina and loses the belt and then Joanna beats karolina for the belt. It’s gonna be a 3-way transfer just like Ronda,holly, tate

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