Braun Strowman – Vince McMahon’s Input, Roman Reigns, Grappling Hooks, etc – Sam Roberts


  1. Normally, big men get it hard, they usually have to job to underdogs. Braun had a good start, just hoping they won't make a feud of him w/ someone like Finn, Seth or Daniel Bryan.

  2. As humble as he is and not into rushing things, he did indeed deserve that universal title at No Mercy (2017). It would solidify him further and it would've not been a hosted move into his rise. It would've been a constant and stable risem

  3. Home alone walking around like it's just another day not a care in the world….Marv&Harry will be in your house bro!

  4. Still can't believe they didn't have him go over to beat Lesnar for the Championship last year !

  5. I like Roman Reigns in the "Golden Boy" heel role. But if Roman were babyface, it would look a lot like Braun Stroman.

  6. He cuts a pretty good promo, well spoken in interviews too, i'm glad that he was able to push through. i liked him during the Wyatt family during everyone shitting on him, now everyone has eaten their words.

  7. When you hear the sound of breaking glass, Stone Cold is about to kick your A$$. You almost get that same "Stone Cold" kind of feeling when hear the Braun Strowman roar.

  8. I usually don't like big man at all in wrestling, but Braun is awesome and he is doing a great job!

  9. Strowman is a star. He is gonna be an anchor for years to come!! I can't wait to see his development as he goes forward.

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