Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping FULL EPISODE #57 – Lateral Collateral (Audie Attar)

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss Anthony Joshua vs. Joseph Parker, Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov not happening again, stripping titles, then Audie Attar calls in and gives an update on how Ferguson is doing, if he’ll need surgery and if his belt will be stripped, Canelo vs GGG rumors then the guys wrap up with the Legion Of Skanks in Los Angeles and their appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, following dreams and believing in yourself, MMA fans booing fighters, listener questions and so much more!


  1. NEW TREND THANKS GUYS looking forward to going over to my friends home and ordering something hilarious not the same as louis. He's married so no bd's. They will patch l e x i a soon now. 1 hour 30 mins less than 5 minutes on boxing and for the walk out. N a hater in the comments , the last time I checked boxing is part of mma and the UFC. Thanks again dudes for the ufc insight news and fun commentary. Again an ambassador for younger listeners not only for the brittish but for the world. Plenty of coments from intelligent people who know you keep it real. Peace GUYS looking forward to the ufc at the weekend and next week's commentary or VID.

  2. I'm pretty sure tony is glad he's injured, khabib would rag doll him

  3. Feel genuinely sorry for Tony Furgason here… even if he does act like a bit of a douche in interviews. This must be killing him inside worse than how much his knee is hurting. In the very VERY small chance he sees this somehow: Get well soon, rest up and no doubt in my mind you will be back fighting for that gold very soon.

  4. Holly hell louis. Had to rewind and play the part where he was describing rogans studio for my girl, so fucken funny, like the zoolander serious face on rogan when he makes solid eye contact and hits a no look bullseye from 500 yards bow shot! Lmao!

  5. 56:00 best honest summary of visualization made by mike and louis. Serious well done. Also Im glad louis had a funny perspective of rogan and his playground. Thank god many times over he was respectful but not a triple dick licker like some other exfighter/clingy ex gf is to joe.

  6. This is so much better than the massive egomaniac Brendan schuab.i like callen but can no longer listen to that fucking prick schwab

  7. About fucking time bisping headsover to the rogan podcast mma edition

  8. Far too much promotion and product talk that takes away from the quality of this podcast. At times it seems that the only reason for this pod is to push products on listener.

  9. People don't like Bisping cause of word of mouth and media. He's honest and a stud. 'Nough said.

  10. This is why UFC is retarded. Tony is interim champ. With conor being stripped that makes tonys belt the championship belt, so if he isnt fighting then the belt isnt on the line. It makes alot more sense for this to be for max's featherweight belt

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