Believe You Me w/Michael Bisping #60 FULL VIDEO – Sad Violin

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and stand-up comedian Luis J. Gomez discuss Bisping’s Australia trip, Bisping getting ripped off at a car dealership, is Bisping fighting Nick Diaz, Lee vs Barboza, who Khabib will fight next, Edgar vs Swanson, Nick Newell – the mma fighter missing an arm, Leslie Smith suing the UFC, Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix, Listener Questions and plenty more!


  1. Thanks for starting to post up on YouTube again! Have always loved the podcast and felt like Bisping and Luis mesh together better than any other MMA podcast, keep up the great work guys!

  2. I honestly like Michael he is a legend in the sport, and fought guys when they where on PEDs n never cried, and left… but he looks like he is in his sons room lol.

  3. I rate Bisping but when me and my mate waited a hour and half for a picture just after he won the ultimate fighter at Semi London he was a dick but I still rate him but he was a dick

  4. I think that narrows fight Keven took a page from Janina play book and Keven is gonna try to take bib at his own game cuz my boy cucue grindinged him out sick Keven looked like he struggled with furgman and look like a very Ilevel grap and wrestling

  5. A coward's way out only a real fucking asshole would say that because they've never been tortured mentally physically for decades nothing helps no end in sight nobody to care enough to even help with anything cowards way out says the man with a Maserati Range Rover Etc the fucking coward is you

  6. The mexican looks like he has aids. Its distracting. Apart from that, great podcast guys.

  7. It's not just that you guys don't ever talk about Leslie Smith …it's also she doesn't ever talk about the fans/customers.
    I've watch her interviews with Luke Thomas and Ariel and she never mentioned the fans once.
    Doesn't care about building an audience or delivering a show for the fans that bought tickets.
    And with a 3-2 record in the last 5, I wouldn't want to be in business with her either.

  8. Mike maybe you should keep calling Nick Diaz white again, I think he’d want to fight you.

  9. I just subscribed and turn on notifications. I'm so excited for your guy's new channel!

    Michael Bisping vs Nick Diaz would be absolutely DOPE! Plz make it happen Dana The Great White.

  10. I was pissed yesterday wondering where my notification was for episode 60. Glad I found it over here. Subbed! Grow this bitch like a mother fucker!

  11. It's not 'nemesi' it's nemeses (seeze). Luis pulling a Rogan there, spouting weed-mutated nonsense words from under a deceptively shiny cranium. Don't believe the hype people, there's no special brain in there, it's just shiny.

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