AJ Styles – TNA Mentions, Daniel Bryan, Nakamura in WWE, PUBG, etc – Sam Roberts


  1. Should’ve spend the time doing this interview going over his match with Nakamura. Maybe then it would have been the 6/5 they built it up to be.

  2. the same ppl that complain about WWE never surprising them anymore, are the same ppl who watch all the spoiler videos & podcasts. i don't get it.

  3. Sam Roberts is a fucking shill. Use to listen to his podcast the motherfucker never critices wwe no wonder he got a job der.

  4. Sam forgot Lex Luger still isn't in the hall of fame, i think he's the last hold out.

  5. AMEN AJ!!!! There is no down time for the Champ!!!!! Unless your Brock Lesner!!!! Friggin Brock should be defending title. As much as AJ!!!! AJ earns his keep!!! Brock,,, not so much!!!

  6. I don't remember them putting A.J. on camera for Jim's speech lol. That makes sense. zzzzzzz

  7. Seeing AJ with the NXT surroundings is pretty awesome. Not gonna lie. Would have loved to see him there for at least a little bit.

  8. I wonder what Aj's Gamertag is lol I play PUBG all the time, and to think maybe I've killed AJ Styles (or he has killed me) in PUBG is cool as hell haha

  9. I won't surprised if I was in the same Fortnite server, as one of the sons, of THE FACE WHO RUNS THE PLACE….. LMAO

  10. macaulay culkin with the bunny ears damn near distracted me the whole interview.

  11. AJ needs to go back to short hair and WWE needs to buy the TNA library so they can use I AM theme.

  12. So Hard to believe a country guy like AJ would be into playing video games. He's in his 40'S. But he absolutely elevated his work to another level.

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