After The (MMA) Beat – Episode 188


  1. The thing about Rogan is that he´s such a staple of the UFC that it would certainly impact my enjoyment of the events if he wasn´t there anymore. I don´t mind Anik, but Ariel´s praise of his ability seems a bit over the top. I´m sure he´s technically very good at what he does, Rogan certainly thinks so, but he´s a bit robotic and does not bring the same personality to the broadcast as Rogan does. Furthermore, I don´t remember him being criticized like this before. One dodgy event and suddenly his performance over the last 20 years is in question? Please.

  2. Leave Rogan alone we are watching face punching not golf, having some personality on the booth is so much better than Anik the robot

  3. Joe rogan not pronouncing names correctly? Must not be a drawl my man.

  4. I think Joe Rogan's lack of knowledge is apparent now that they have much better annalist's next to him sometimes. People like Dominic Cruz & Jimmy Smith are way better and explain things way better than Joe does. I actually used to think Joe was the best commentator ever but he's actually not even the best at the UFC. I like when Joe say's something and Cruz will explain to him why he's wrong, even told Joe to shut up one time lol.

  5. Ariel, don't views generate revenue? In this modern era we do pay, with our attention. There's 16 year old millionaires on YouTube from views alone.

  6. Hold on guys I see where this is going…..Im not paying for MMABeat or MMA Hour

  7. The best beat is when Luke runs the show. Don’t think I’ll watch when Luke is not at the table, anymore.

  8. "programmed to not pay for things", sure Ariel. Because not wanting to pay for something totally isn't natural……..derp. And the natural state of mind without being "programmed" is to send all your money to Ariel. lol

  9. What a load of bollocks not 1 mention of the return of NICK DIAZ!!!! STOCKTON MOFO'S

  10. I enjoy dc, rogan, jimmy, dominick, brian stan (great insight on fighters) but i dont like anik AT ALL! The dude sounds like a robot and i think its hard for him to feel comfortable to joke around like the others. I feel like people in general are sick of the fake ppl on tv and it seems the audience wants imperfect yet knowledgable ppl. We want the realness! Were sick of the cookie cutter type bs helwani!

  11. According to Luke Cynthia does not deserve to have hers name pronounced correctly. Ariel, please tell that donk that names are said how you hear them from the very person concerned. He fails to grasp it, again and again. Instead declares some kind of victory like a little kid when she allowes him to spell it differently.

  12. Rogan has said many times on his shitcast that he doesn't want to commentate anymore. Move over, be a man, step down. Jimmy Smith is great, much more professional.

  13. THUG ROSE BEFORE BUS: "I am thug Rose. I am a feminist monk. I am one with the universe. Nothing bothers me. I fear nothing"

    THUG ROSE AFTER BUS: "Help Me…… i'm just a little girl….. i need a man to save me…… i'm scared….."

  14. I think khabib is number one but that belt is not legitimate, you gotta fight the best to be the best, and khabib still needs to fight tony before a legitimate claim of being champ…

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