United Airlines Kills Passenger’s Dog: Time For Airline Reform | Luke Thomas

A United Airlines flight from Houston to New York saw a passenger forced by a flight attendant to put her dog – who was in a TSA-approved carrying case – in the overhead compartment. During the course of the three-hour flight, the dog died, leaving the owners horrified and despondent. While this story itself is unbearably tragic, combined with other notably horrific incidents, it also underscores how there’s not enough competition in the airline industry, Americans have grown accustomed to being abused and over policed and why reform of the industry is so desperately needed.


  1. I look at my three dogs as family members and I would be absolutly mortified if this happend to any one of them.

  2. Hey guys, Lets see how this pans out…I agree with you , yet, I think americans like there dogs more then human strangers!! I think it will effect stocks more then last event. thanks

  3. Why are dogs allowed with passangers??, they should be in cages in a storage area on the plane, owners should pay for an extra ticket for the space needed for the dog.

  4. all i can say is if the retarded flight attendant was from the religion of peace i hope it gets its face smashed in with repeated blows.

  5. Im more mad at all the people that stayed seated and did nothing while it cried your all scum shame on you's thank's for talking about this i would never ever ever do this to my dog not blaming the owner at all i hope this attendant is fired and united is sued to the max

  6. Why are animals allowed in the passenger cabin? If it's not a seeing eye dog for a blind person there is no excuse for letting animals inside the main hold of an airplane.

  7. United airlines never ceases to amaze me, between losing my bags on Christmas Eve and telling me to fuck off and then telling a customer who slipped and hurt themselves on their wet floor to “hold on a moment while I finish this transaction Ma’am” they should effective immediately be shut down.

  8. "People are being dragged off the plane and beaten toothless…OR …they are LITERALLY killing your pets "

    Very sad but worded flawlessly, well played sir lol

  9. So fucked up. And United will continue to ruin lives because people are stupid and continue to use this airline.

  10. Whats more alarming is when you look at the 2017 annual airline report of incidents that results in loss injury or death of animal involving air transportation. There are 17 airlines on the report, only 4 had incidents. Airline Alaska reported 2 deaths, 1 lost. Delta Airlines reported 2 deaths, 1 injury. American Airlines reported 2 deaths, 1 injury. United Airlines reported 18 deaths, 13 injuries.
    So if you care about your pet do not let them fly United.

  11. Lol. WTF Luke. Last advice I heard you give was "if somebody with authority tells you to do something, just fucking do it". This is after your bar security job story. Now we shouldn't listen to flight attendants? I don't come here for advice; I just like to point out that Luke is just like other talking heads, is not exactly a guru. He's just trying to provide entertainment. Outside of his MMA fight analysis, it's just entertainment radio

  12. The owner should be ashamed too. I would have taken my happy ass off the plane with my dog and settled the dispute in other ways. Miss my flight, but my dog wouldn't be dead.

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